Big Cat head - Free Wedding Invitation Template

Do you love cats? Right, there are a lot of people who love cats very much. There are even jokes that some people have become slaves of their cats. They are cute and of course we will love them. So, we have also created a free wedding invitation template for all cat slaves. This is a perfect invitation design for cat lovers! Of course, it will also suit couples who want something cute for their wedding card.

The primary design element of this invitation is without any surprise cats. You can see that there are two cats on the card. These two cats, one in light blue and one in pink, signify the bride and the groom. To make the design cute and fun, we do not draw the whole cats. Instead, we have only drawn the beads of the cats. As backgrounds of the heads, two cat paws were presented here. This makes the design even more adorable. There is a heart in between the two cat heads. This is to tell your guests that you will tie the knot and this is the invitation to invite them to your wedding. Since the cat paws are only background design, we have chosen a pastel color for it. They are in light pastel orange color. Names of the couples will be printed beside the heads. This is because the cats are signifying the couple. Other wording, which is in orange color (darker than the paws), is put under the cats. Colors of the design are beautiful. Once again, do you love cats? You will love this design just like you love cats, and so do your beloved guests!

Big Cat head Invitation Template

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