Hand in Hand forever - Free Wedding Invitation Template

This is another beautiful and cute cartoon design by us. As in our other cartoon designs, it features the cartoon drawing of the bride and the groom. Of course there are wearing their wedding attire. The main color scheme of this design is a combination of light violet and pink. You should be able to guess what it means. Yes, it means both romance and love. Besides, the bride and groom are holding the hand of each other. This means that you will be walking hand in hand together for the rest of your life. It means that you will be hand in hand forever. This is something very romantic. There are two hearts between the bride and groom. These two hearts stick together. One of the heart and dark pink in color and the other one is white in color. This treatment is to create a contrast. It also means that although the bride and groom are two different entity, they will stick together forever. Beautiful floral patterns in dark pink color are also drawn behind the couple. Besides, there is a band below the cartoon drawing, with the words “The wedding of” on it. Below the band it is the names of the couple. So, it should be read as “The wedding of BRIDE and GROOM”. The names of bride and groom are in black. Other part of wording is also pink in color. The background color of the design is light pastel purple. When you choose this free wedding invitation template, you can also tell your guests that you will be united. They can also get this romantic feeling from this cute yet meaningful design.

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