Wedding Planning Timeline

You need to know when and where to start when you are planning for your wedding. Of course you will need some tools to help you to organize your work. You will have to understand the schedule and all the deadlines. To this end, a wedding planning timeline checklist will be something very essential.

In fact, the main idea of setting the timeline is that you will know the exact dates and goals for all your planning work. You can make your big day a lot more organized with it.

Details of the Wedding Planning Timeline

1 to 1.5 Years Before

Wedding Planning TimelineUsually, you will have to spend one to one and a half years to plan for the event. You will not engage today and get married tomorrow. You will not have enough time to prepare for it. At this point, it is the preliminary stage of your wedding planning. There are a few things you have to fixed. First of all, you need to think of the budget, you will also need to fix the date of your event. If it is possible, you should also think about the main theme.

Besides, it will be a good idea if you can find the reception and ceremony site at this time. You need to reserve them. If it is possible, you also have to reserve photography and videography services. If you are going to work with a wedding consultant, you should also contact them. Of course you will want the planner to help you to set the timeline.

6 Months to 1 Year Before

The best man, maid of honor, groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower boys and girls are important parts of your event. You need to starting finding them at this stage. You should start thinking about the bridal dresses. It is also the time to call the florist. Besides, you may need to start planning for the transport and accommodations for the guests who do not live in town. To this end, you may probably know that you need to start planning for the guest list as well.

3 to 6 Months

The big day is coming very soon. It will be important to complete the bridal registry. It will also be essential to start planning for the invitations and wedding favors. At the same time, you should also order the wedding cakes. You will not have the time to arrange for the honeymoon later on. As a result, you should also start thinking about it at this stage. If the venue does not provide catering services, you will also need to contact various caterers.

2 Months Before

This and the coming stage will be quite important when it comes to your wedding planning timeline checklist. You have to order all the wedding accessories at this stage. If you are planning to take some formal portraits, you can also do it at this point. If you are going to have a registry of gifts, you should also prepare it. Remember to mail your invitations as well.

1 Months Before

You may have to alter your wedding attire. If this is the case, you can start considering the alteration at this stage. At the same time, you should also confirm all the venues. If you are now working with the wedding consultant, start discussing with them about the actual rundown of your event. If it is possible, you should also finalize your guest list so that you can plan for the seats in your ceremony and reception.

2 Weeks Before

This is the final stage for your wedding planning timeline. You need to confirm the vendors about all the items once again. This is especially true with the venues, photographer, videographer, stylist, florist and caterer. You also need to apply for the marriage license. The alteration of the bridal dresses should be done by this time. You can also pick them up. You can also fix your honeymoon plan if you will have your honeymoon immediately after the event.

The Day Before

Your wedding is coming tomorrow. Be relaxed, take a good rest and prepare to enjoy the great and romantic event tomorrow!

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