Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

Brides and grooms want to make the wedding creative and special. However, it is true that sometimes couples may find it difficult to come up with some unique wedding reception ideas. This is mainly because they do not have a concrete plan and theme for their event.

So, it will always be important to have a concrete theme and plan in order to have some innovative ideas for your reception. You do not only think of a theme. You will also need to stick to it. This means that you will need to make every wedding items to follow your theme. Of course your reception will also follow this theme.

Although you will have to stick to your theme, you may eventually find that the venue you have chosen does not match the theme. Yes, this can be a serious problem. As a result, you need to search for the venues very carefully. You need to do this once your have a theme for your event.

4 Tips For Your Unique Wedding Reception

1. The Theme

wedding receptionAs discussed, you need to have a theme. This will affect the success of your event. Instead of going for a very traditional theme, there are a lot of choices you can consider. A lot of brides and grooms will go for a seasonal theme. You can have either a summer or winter event. Again, this will affect your choice of venue a lot. If you are going for a summer event, choosing a beach as the venue can be something perfect.

2. The Venue

You need to search for a venue which will match your theme. In fact, the venue itself can also accept your theme. You need to consider these two parts together if you want to come up with reception ideas which are special. You can consider having a cruise for example. This can already make your reception unique. If you are crazy enough, you may even want to have a movie themed event and have your reception in a movie theater. Of course this will require more planning work. In fact, a ski lodge, a romantic pub, a sports venue, or even your home can be good choices of venues. You should also pay attention to the entrance of the venue. There are quite a number reception entrance ideas out there. You can create an arch to mark the entrance. If this is done properly, it can enhance the atmosphere of the venue itself.

3. The Music and Entertainment

The entertainment in the reception should be of high quality. This is a tip you have to remember. In most cases, you will want to find a band to play music. There are different types of bands out there. You may go for some atypical bands instead of getting a band which is very generic. Music should only be one of the parts for the entertainment in your reception. There can be other types of entertainment. You can also consider getting a magician to play some magic tricks in your wedding. If you have enough budget, you may even get a celebrity to perform during the reception.

4. The Decorations

The decorations play a significant part for your unique wedding reception ideas. It will be beneficial to understand that decorations can help to change the look and feel of the venue. With proper and unique decorations, you can make your reception special. Of course this will go back to your wedding theme. If you are going to have an ancient Roman theme, you will certainly need to decorate your reception in a way that it will look like something such as a Roman theater.

There is no fixed rule in order to come up with some special and unique wedding reception ideas. However, you should always try to move away from the norm. If you can do so, you will be able to make your event unique even if it is a traditional themed wedding!

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