I Want A Custom Wedding Aisle Runner! What Can I Do?

In all of the craziness that comes with planning our weddings, we often seem to overlook the most basic details. You pick out the perfect dress, order a chocolate fountain for the reception and even get your Thank You cards picked out in advance. But before you walk down the aisle, have you asked yourself just how nice that aisle really is?

When I was getting married last summer I put so much time and energy into planning the affair that it had almost become a full-time job for me. But still, I felt that something was missing; I wanted that extra oomph to make people remember just how great my wedding had been. That’s when a friend suggested: a custom aisle runner. While I had picked out ornate decorations for the reception hall and decided on the color scheme for my church wedding, I had never considered the aisle where I would be making such an important walk part of the decorations.

Aisle runner with the names of couple
One of the ways to personalize your runner is to print your names on it. You can also print your monogram on it if you have designed one. Making a custom wedding aisle runner is never difficult!

Finding Custom Wedding Aisle Runners

Bless Google; I spent the next couple of weeks searching images and advice for aisle runners. This is the area where all eyes turn to during the actual wedding. Every guest and member of the wedding party, as well as the bride and groom, make their walk down this aisle. Everybody will have their eyes on the aisle, so it only makes sense to make the aisle as much a member of the decorations as everything else.

When looking to have a custom aisle runner for your wedding, you have to consider several factors. The first is to make sure that the runner fits in with your theme. Chances are you have a color scheme that transitions from where the ceremony itself is held, to the reception hall. You wedding party is dressed in these colors, the table cloths have these colors – feel free to incorporate them in your runner. In my online searches, I saw a couple who had chosen a black lace overlay theme on everything, and included it in the runner. The result was both striking and classy. Also, guests make note of these things, you will be surprised at how many people might come up to you and compliment how well you transitioned the theme from one aspect of the wedding to another.

Material Girl

Next, consider the materials used. You want something sturdy. People will be walking on this runner and you don’t want the material bunching up, wrinkling, or getting dirty. If your wedding is indoors a polyester runner might be fine, but for outdoors consider burlap. Burlap is a heavy material that will hold its own against strong winds and doesn’t risk getting extremely damaged should there be some precipitation on your wedding day.

It is important to also consider whether or not you want something printed on the runner, and what exactly you want. This is your chance to really make the runner something intimately related to your relationship with your partner. Consider what defines both of you, how intricate you want to make the design. Some couples opt for quotes about love while others choose cartoon drawings or themes that relate to their lifestyle. For example, a couple that sails often might have a nautical theme or anchors on their runners. On the other hand, you could go very simple and just have your names, anniversary or a monogram of you and your partners’ initials. I opted for a monogram and my anniversary, but complemented with small votive candles in glass bowls alongside the pews, flanking the runner itself. I have also seen some runners that have flower petals along the side, the runner itself will only be on for the ceremony, so don’t worry about the petals turning to mulch right away. Roses might be a good choice for this as they are so often associated with love and give off a pleasant scent – but don’t be afraid to experiment with anything else.

Size Matters

Try not to overlook the size of your wedding aisle runner as well. The runner should go the full length of the aisle, though the design should be mostly toward the middle of the aisle itself: you don’t want your ceremony to be overwhelmed by the runner, but enhanced by it. If you have the money for it, and the venue where your ceremony is being held will allow it, feel free to let your runner go down the front steps and into the street – it’s your wedding day, go for grandeur! But if you are limited financially and still want the added touch of a runner, consider a unity runner: they lie perpendicular to the aisles, in the area where the bride and groom stand. They can be customized as well and are a fraction of the cost of a typical runner.

Don’t Get Tacky Now

Finally, make sure to keep it classy. While this is a great place to add a personal touch to your wedding, and to commemorate something vital about your relationship, you don’t want to have the runner be overdesigned. Whether you are having yours made to order or are designing it yourself, avoid things like glitter, rhinestones, or drawings that are too elaborate. While you want people to take note of the runner, you don’t want it to become the focus of the ceremony. This day is about you and your partner, your decorations should be symbols of your union, but remember – you are the main attraction.

You can also take a look at this youtube video. It is about how to create a personalized aisle runner:

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