10 Unique Christmas Wedding Ideas

The holidays are a festive time during which family and friends get together and share special moments with one another. No holiday is more festive than Christmas, a time during which everyone shares gifts or spends time with loved ones.

Another occasion that is perhaps more special, if only due to the fact that it usually happens once in a lifetime, is the celebration of marriage. Weddings are one of the most significantly meaningful special occasions and warrant large celebrations and festivities in their own right.

There are some people who decide to combine these two special occasions, having a winter wedding during Xmas. There is no better a way to take advantage of the festive times by celebrating the union of two loved ones.

Since Christmas is a holiday with many unique aspects and themes, it is easy to combine many of these to create for spectacularly fun weddings. Some of the most important aspects of a wedding are the theme elements, from the color of the bridesmaid dresses to the decorations at the location. Let’s take a look at some of the different ways to combine these holidays into an exceptional Xmas event.

Christmas wedding ideas

Winter and Holiday Themed Invitations

Christmas wedding invitation design

Many times, the first way any of your friends and relatives will learn about your wedding is by invitation. This can be a great opportunity for you to infuse some holiday excitement, by having professionally-designed invitations that feature ornaments, a snowman or anything else commonly associated with Christmas.

Stockings for Your Guests

Stockings for guests

Surely most people can remember running downstairs early Christmas morning to find a stocking full of goodies hanging by the fireplace. Even if some of your guests don’t celebrate Christmas, they are likely aware of what stockings are and how they are a place for hiding gifts and candies.

What if every one of your guests were to take their seat, only to be greeted by a stocking full of some delicious holiday treats? This would be a fantastic way to share some sweetness from the holidays with your guests.

Christmas Decorations for the Chapel


While marriage is also a holy occasion, there’s no reason we can’t spice up the ceremony with some brightly colored holiday lights or even some fake snow by the altar.

Depending on where your wedding ceremony is actually going to take place, this may be more feasible or not so much. If your event is in an actual church, then you will want to consult with your priest or minister to make sure that your holiday decorations will be considered to be in good taste.

A White Christmas Wedding

Saying I Do on Snow

Having your wedding outdoors during the winter requires both ample planning and preparation, since you won’t know what the weather will bring until your actual big day. This is not a problem, as you can set up your wedding so that you are prepared for the elements in case there is a sudden accumulation of snow right beforehand. There really is nothing more beautiful than a wedding during a white Christmas, just make sure to dress warm!

Christmas Tree Centerpiece

Xmas Tree Centrepiece

For nearly every wedding, there will be a centerpiece at each table. These usually consist of brightly colored flowers that are contained in decorative vases.

What if, instead of this, you had a miniature Christmas tree with tiny ornaments decorating each table at the reception? This would be a great way to bring the holiday spirit to every guest at your wedding.

Christmas Accessories for the Bride

Holiday Themed Bridal Dress

Typically, the bride may wear a flowery tiara that complements her dress nicely. How about switching that out for a beautiful tiara made of snowflake-shaped crystals and jewelry? Even a bridal dress with a snowflake theme may push the envelope of your wedding budget. Yet, it will be well worth for your big day.

Christmas Accessories for the Groom

Christmas Groom

The groom is always dressed in a fine traditional suit for his wedding, however, this does not mean that we can’t step outside of the box a little bit to add some holiday flare. The groom often wears a tie with his suit, and this leaves room for any number of Christmas themes to be integrated into the wedding. Perhaps a tie with a beautiful Xmas or nativity scene might be fitting, or even snowflake-shaped cufflinks for the sleeves.

Christmas Drinks

A Drink

One of the most common themes in any wedding is an open bar and lots of drinks going around. There is no need to change this at your Christmas wedding, however you may want to consider adding wintery Xmas drinks like hot cocoa and warm cider. These can be made into alcoholic beverages if you so desire, and can help add a great holiday feel to any wedding, even as non-alcoholic alternatives to wine and beer.

Christmas Food

Beautiful and Colorful Cake

Typically, most weddings will feature a selection of a few core meal options that guests can choose from. In contrast, Christmas is time when families pull out all the stops in the kitchen and make every and anything. A Christmas wedding is a great opportunity to bring Christmas dinner to your guests, featuring a delicious ham with mashed potatoes and several other holiday food choices.

Santa the Priest

Santa Claus and A Couple

This idea is a favorite and will really be enjoyed by all of your guests at your event. If your minister is willing to dress up in costume as Santa Claus, you and your loved one can enjoy being married by Old Saint Nick himself! This is a great way to add fun and humor to your holiday winter wedding.

Christmas is a time for celebration and festivities, and joining this together with the already-joyous occasion of marriage should create a one-in-a-lifetime day that will forever remain an unforgettable memory. Hopefully you’ve found some of these Christmas wedding ideas helpful in adding a holiday spin to your ceremony and will steer you on the path towards creating the winter wedding of your dreams.

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