A Checklist To Help Plan For Your Memorable Wedding

thinking about a wedding planning checklist

If you have read some articles or books on planning a wedding before, you will know that you have to spend one to one and a half year in order to plan for the event. Yes, it is very true that you have to spend some time on it. There are a lot of details involved. You have to take care these details in order to make your dreams come true. Besides, you will also need some tools so that you can do the job well. You will need a free wedding planning checklist. Without any surprise, your friends and family may help you when you are doing the job. With the list, they will have a clearer idea on the various tasks. This list can help you to organize your planning work a lot better.

How To Prepare The Wedding Planning Checklist

It is important that you have to create a very concrete and printable checklist. Yet, there are something you need to fix before you create the list of wedding planning. It is the budget of the event. It will be essential to have an idea on exactly how much we will spend. You can also think about the budget on individual items. These can become a part of your list. Next, we will start prepare this list.

Helpers Who Will Be Involved In The Wedding

You may think that you will only put the wedding items such as wedding invitations into the checklist. However, the truth is that you do not only think about these items. There will also be some people who will be helping you. You will also need to put these into your list. You need to write down who will be the best man, bridesmaids and so on.

Categorization Of The Wedding Planning Checklist

On the list, you will have to put all the items about your wedding. To this end, you will know that there are hundreds of items involved. You have to organized them. This means that you will to put all different items into categories. For example, you will put the item wedding favors under the category of wedding reception. If you do not categorize them, you will not be able to make your planning work organized.

Notes To Each Wedding Item

Now, you will start writing down the items. If it is possible, you can add some notes to the items. You may need to include these notes for each items.

  1. The budget of it.
  2. People who are in charge of it.
  3. Vendor(s) who will be working on it.
  4. Deadline of finishing it.

Of course you may not know the actual vendors who will be working on a particular item. You can add this note back to your printable wedding planning checklist after you have found the vendor for it.

Without any surprise, you will want to get some examples of your checklist. Before we go in to the details of these examples, there are also other tips and ideas to help you to plan for your wedding:

Example of Your Checklist

From the above, you will probably understand how you can prepare the list. It will be beneficial if you can find some examples of the list so that you can prepare for it easily. Here is a sample for your reference. Remember, you will have to consider your own needs and requirement in order to make the list comprehensive. Even after you get a printable wedding planning checklist, you will still need to know if the list will fit your own situation. You can amend this example so that you can make it to suit your own event.

Wedding Attendants / Helpers

Job Name
Best Man John
Groomsmen Peter, Derek, Adam, Paul
Maid of Honor Amy
Bridesmaids Daisy, Cammy, Yoko, Alice
Flower Girls Katty, Susana
Flower Boys Ben, Bob


Bride / Groom Item Budget Person In Charge Vendor Deadline
For The Bride Wedding Gown
For The Groom Wedding Suit

Wedding Stationery

Item Budget Deadline
Save The Date Deadline A
Wedding Invitations Deadline A
Response Card Deadline A
Map Card Deadline A
Wedding Programs Deadline B
Place Card Deadline B
Seating Plan Deadline B
Thank You Cards Deadline C

*Usually, the brides and grooms will be in charge of ordering the stationery. It will be a better idea to choose the same vendor for all the stationery. Some items such as the invitations, response cards will be finished on the same day.

For The Wedding Ceremony

Item Budget Person In Charge Vendor Deadline
Wedding Bands
Ring Bearer Pillow
Guest Book

For The Wedding Reception

Item Budget Person In Charge Vendor Deadline
Guest Book
Signing Pen
Wedding Favors
Music and Entertainment
Wedding Cake

Besides this example, there are also some other things you may consider. For instance, the bride may want to change her name after wedding. In this case, brides may even need to change the names on things such as the driving license.

It is important to stress once again here that the above is only an example of your printable wedding planning checklist. However, you should be able to create your own unique list by referring to this example. Make sure that you will understand your own needs and situation so that you can have a checklist for you.

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