How To Create Your DIY Wedding Invitations

Weddings are very special occasions, no doubt about that. And all things special must have a personal touch to it. This is the reason why a lot of couples settle for DIY wedding invitations rather than going for a template or choosing a stack design. If this is what you want for your own big day, the useful steps below could guide you through the entire creation process.

At this point, you may think that you cannot create something which is beautiful if you decide to make your own do it yourself wedding cards. It is not really true. With proper tools, it is possible to create a very sophisticated design. Remember, you do not just use the computer and print the cards. There are a lot of techniques you need to do by your hand. This is the essence when it comes to creating your own invitations and this is also the best way to make them unique and sophisticated.

Techniques To Make Your Own DIY Invitations

As discussed, there are some tools and DIY invitation kits that can help you to create your invitations. Here, let us discover some common techniques that we can apply to our cards.

Die-cutting and Embossing

diy wedding invitation technique - die-cuttingIt is possible to do die-cutting at home. Of course, you will not use a normal paper cutter and cut the shapes. This will be extremely time-consuming. And the results will be far from perfect. There are tools to help you to do the die-cutting. One of such tools will be the Cuttlebug Machine. You will use some dies with the machines and you can create a very beautiful die-cutting pattern. There are also embossing folders that you can be used with this machine. Embossing effects can be achieved in this case. There are a lot of dies and embossing folders you can choose. Combining the use of various dies and embossing folders is the key when creating the cards.

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diy invitation technique - letterpressYou may think that the only way to do a letterpress card is to find a professional printer to help you to do it. In fact, it is also possible for you to create a letterpress invitation when you opt for the idea of DIY invitations. In this case, you will need a letterpress kit. This kit can help you to create exquisite letterpress effects on your card!

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As a matter of fact, you can create the most sophisticated invitations with the above techniques and ideas. The only thing is that you need to explore and experiment with these techniques so that you can compose a really good design.

Besides these techniques, there are some steps you need to follow when you make your own wedding invitations.

10 Steps to Create Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations

1. Make sure you have the time to do it

Let’s face it. It will be quite time-consuming when you are creating your own DIY wedding invitations. The actual time required depends on both the number of invites you need and the degree of sophistication of the design. To this end, it will not be a good idea to go for this option of DIY if you need to invite something like 300 guests. Instead, this option will be more suitable for you if you have a small wedding. It will be perfect if you are going to invite less than 50 guests. You may need to spend one to two weeks in order to finish all of the cards. Of course, you can shorten the time required if you create a simpler design. So, make sure that you can put the efforts on it before you make the decision of making your own wedding invitations. DO NOT Go For This Option If You Cannot Afford The Time To Do It!!!

2. Know the theme of your event

One of the most important steps of wedding planning is to make your decision on the theme. It is extremely important for you to have a main wedding theme before you create your homemade wedding invitations. You can only decide the type of motif or color scheme you will be using after you make your decision on the theme. DO NOT attempt to design the invitations before you know your theme. You must use something that would go well with your chosen theme. For example, you’re going for an elegant church wedding and the official color is yellow, you might want to put a little touch of that in the design of your cards.

3. Get inspirations from a cards stores

Research is always to the important step when performing any design work. Do not start anything unless you have a fair idea as to what you would like your invitations to look like. It is quite hard enough to start from scratch. How can you design if you don’t even have the slightest inspiration to get you going? There are various ways to conduct your research. You can visit online wedding card stores to get some inspirations. Another way is to gather ideas from online bridal magazines or websites like Pinterest. However, you are not advised to merely going online when conducting your research. It will be perfect if you can visit your local card stores. This is because you can see the real things when you are visiting the stores. It is always better to see the real cards. It is never enough if you only see the images on the web.

4. Design your own wedding invitations

After you have done with your research, you will probably have some ideas on what your invitations will look like. The next step is to actually design your own wedding invitations. It can be a tough job if you do not have any experiences of design before. You may think that you have to draw all the images or pictures for your invitations. In fact, it is not true. There are a lot of free resources you can find on the web. It is not difficult to find free cliparts or images for your invitations. In this case, you may need to use some computer software for creating the design. Alternatively, Free Wedding Invitation Templates are time saver you can consider. For the actual design, you do not have to make it extremely complicated. While you might want your invite to stand out from the rest, be sure that you don’t go out of the way and overdo yourself. This is quite easy to do, as you have the power to do everything that you want with your own DIY wedding invites. Try to be subtle when choosing designs that are technically out of the ordinary.

5. Design the envelopes of the DIY wedding invitations

Of course, the main invite is very important. However, you should never focus on the card alone. The envelopes of the invitation cards need some design too. Keep in mind that the envelopes are the first thing that your DIY wedding invites will be seen. So you must impress them with it. However, it can be time-consuming if you need to make the envelopes yourself. Consequently, it will be a better idea if you buy some ready-made envelopes and add your own touch. Give them a hint as to what they will find inside. You can add embellishments related to your wedding theme to the envelopes. In this way, your guests will know about your wedding theme even before they open the envelopes. This will make the whole package of wedding invitations more attractive and unique.

6. The words are as important as the design

Don’t focus all of your attention on the flowers, borders, and trimmings on the card. It is certainly full of fun when you use the tools to create the cards. However, it is also important that you put extra time in checking the words of your wedding invites as well. Make sure you have all the essential information of your wedding when you are planning the wordings. You can also check our Wording Samples so that you can plan for the wordings easily. You should choose the wordings according to both your theme and the hosts of the event. Be sure that you will also choose the fonts of the wording very carefully. Again, the choice of fonts should match your wedding theme. You will not go for some vintage or classic fonts if you are going to have a modern design, and vice versa.

7. Finalize all the information and design

Now, it is time to finalize all the information and design. Do you want to include information such as location maps in your DIY wedding invitations? Usually, you will need to include more information about your wedding if it is a destination wedding. More information will even be needed if it is a destination wedding overseas as you may have to tell your guests about arrangements such as flights schedules and accommodations. You have to make sure that there is enough room for all the information you want to include. You should not go for a single card design if you are going to include a lot of information. Practically, it will be better to go for a pocket design with different inserts if you are going to include a lot of information.

8. Choose the paper for the invitation

While there are a lot of options of materials (such as wood or acrylic) you can choose when printing the invitations, it is still very common to print on paper. You need to Choose the Paper very carefully. You should visit different stationery stores in order to discover the best option. The bottom line for paper choice is that you will be able to print on the paper with your printer at home. It is true that the invitations will not look good if the paper is too thin. However, you should not choose paper which is too thick. This is because you may not be able to print on it if it is too thick. You should also consider the color of paper. Colors such as white and pale yellow will be preferred. It will not be possible to print with your printer if you are choosing paper colors such as black and dark blue. You will need a professional printer to help you if you want to print colors such as white on dark color paper. Do consider the texture of paper as well. You can make your DIY invitations look more exquisite if you can find paper with some beautiful textures. Again, make sure you can print on it if you are going to choose paper with heavy texture.

9. Print and assemble the do-it-yourself invitations

The next step is to print and assemble the invitations. While it may look nice on the computer, you never really know the final outcome unless you try it out. You should do some test prints before you print the invites “in bulk”. The final printed draft should be perfect because it would be the actual look of your DIY invitations. If you see something wrong in the draft, try to edit it to perfection. After you have printed the cards, you have just finished 50% of the work. You need to assemble the card. There may also be some post-printing process. For example, there can be some embossed or die-cutting on your card. Use DIY invitation kits and proper tools to make these parts. Assembling it is probably a time-consuming process as it is a must for you to do it carefully and slowly. Here, it will be vital to emphasize once again that you should allow yourself enough time if you plan to make your own invites. If you can do so, your DIY wedding invitations will certainly be perfect.

10. Send them out!

Now, your invitations are ready. It is time to send them to your guests. Your guests will certainly be impressed with your invites after you have put your efforts on them!

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