Wedding Invitation Etiquette

There is no doubt that you will need to spend some time to organize your wedding cards. In fact, you should never overlook the importance of wedding invitation’s etiquette. You will need to do some research on it.

There are a lot of aspects you have to consider when it comes to your invitations. Without any surprise, brides and grooms will spend a lot of time on the design and style of the cards. The design is certainly an extremely important issue. Yet, couples may not understand the etiquette associated. We will try to discuss all the etiquette and tips you should understand the cards.

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Formal Wedding Invitation Etiquette

You may be planning for a formal invite now. There are some common rules of thumbs and formal etiquette you need to know. First of all, it is important to use the wedding cards to express the mood of the ceremony and reception.

It is very common that brides and grooms will have a reception after the ceremony. It will be better to invite your guests to both events when you are considering the invitation etiquette. It is needed to send the cards early. You will need to allow enough time for your guests to reply you. When it comes to the language to be used, you need to make it simple and clear. Make sure that your guests will know the details of your event. Besides, you may need to send the RSVP cards along with your wedding invitation. In this case, make sure you will follow some response card etiquette. In short, you need to make sure that your guests will not feel offended when they receive your invitation.

1. Wordings and Invitation Etiquette

invitation etiquette and wordingsAs a matter of fact, there are quite a number of issues you must consider when it comes to the notion of wedding invitation etiquette. An essential part you will be a bit confused is certainly the wordings. There are virtually plenty of styles you can consider. As a result, wording etiquette can be something confusing. There is in fact no fixed rule about the wordings. Depending on who you are going to invite, the wordings can be different. Apart from this, the formality of your wedding will play an important role when you are planning for the wording.

Moreover, there are also a lot of situations which will make the wordings different. This also explains why proper etiquette for wedding invites is so critical. There are a lot of wording samples. You can read more examples before you settle the wording. The printer or vendor can also give you suggestions about the wordings. Be sure that you will not make any mistake on the wordings. We will talk about wording in details later on.

2. Addressing

Addressing the wedding cardsYou should also pay special attention to when you are addressing the cards. This is certainly an etiquette that most brides and grooms do not really understand. The idea behind is that there is some invitation envelope etiquette couples must think about. There are a lot of you have to consider concerning addressing etiquette. It is important to know how to address the invitations properly. For example, it is essential for you to include a really formal salutation when you are addressing the envelopes. However, a lot of couples will just miss this point. You will just create yourself problems if you make any mistake when you are addressing the cards.

3. Sending the invitations

send the invitationsYou may also be a bit worried about when you should send the invitations. Again, there is no fixed rule about that. It will mainly depend on the guests you are going to invite. If a lot of your guests need to come from other countries to your wedding, you may need to send them very early. In fact, you can consider it a part of wedding invite etiquette. Usually, the cards will be sent 12 weeks before the event.

There are some cases that you may need to send the cards earlier. Of course this should also be considered when you are thinking about your invitation etiquette. If you are going to have a wedding overseas, the chance is that your guests will need to arrange the air tickets and so on. This may take some time for your guests to do so. This is why you may need to send the cards even earlier. Another way to do it is to send a save-the-date card to your guests at least half year before the event. In this case, your guests will have more time to prepare to attend your ceremony or reception. Of course, there are also some save-the-date card etiquette you need to consider. Be sure to understand it befor you send these cards.

4. Spell check

spell checkSome people may not consider this etiquette of wedding invitations. However, it is always important to make sure that you will not make any spelling mistakes. You will need to pay attention to the spelling mistakes before you print the invitations. This is the baseline. It is a must for you to spend some time on proofreading. You should never print the cards before you perform this essential task.

Besides, you will have to write the names of your guests on the envelopes. Make sure that you will not spell them wrong when you are addressing the invitation cards. Your guests will never feel good if you spell their names wrongly.

Informal Wedding Invitation Etiquette

When you are considering the etiquette of your informal invites, the rules are not as strict as formal invitations. This is especially true with the wordings. Besides, you may not need to follow the idea of salutation described. The tone of it can be more informal and casual. You can make the wording very simple. It is alright even if you are using point forms. However, you may still need to consider some general etiquette rules. You must make sure that you will not make any spelling mistakes. You should also send the invitations early enough.

Wording Etiquette

Weddings are extremely special events. This is the reason why the preparations usually take months. Everything has to be perfect – even the wordings of your invitation should be faultless. There is a proper way to write wedding cards. And Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette plays a very important role.

Tips Of Invitation Wording Etiquette

1. If you don’t want kids in the reception or in the ceremony, you can write “Adult Reception” at the bottom of the invitation or reply card. You can also mention the number of seats that you reserved for the particular recipient of your invitation. This way, they would know whether or not they should bring some kids or another guest along.

2. If you find it improper to indicate whether the wedding ceremony is going to be a black-tie event or an informal gathering, do it with symbols. You can put a thumbnail of a black-tie or a tuxedo at the bottom corner of the card to tell your guest how they should dress. If it is going to be a formal event but not necessarily a black-tie ceremony, you can use formal invitation layouts with formal wording. Use high-quality paper to get the right idea across.

3. If you are not planning to pay for the accommodation of the guests for your destination weddings, you can subtly inform them by inserting a small brochure with published rates from the hotel where the wedding is going to be held along with your invite. On the contrary, if you are going to pay for their accommodations, you may also want to let your guests know. One of the ways is to give them a call and discuss with them in detail so that there will be no misunderstanding.

Do the invitations need to be Handwritten?

handwritten invitationsBy invitations we mean the wedding invitation itself. Do they have to be handwritten? In short, No… Reasons? There are a couple:

The size factor – Even for an average size guest list of 100 to 150 guests, handwriting an invitation word by word can be extremely time-consuming. It is not practical at the end of the day. Making sure that each word written on the luxurious paper is readable and without errors, while still pleasing to the eyes is hard, unless you are a professional. Even one mistake or an accidental marking can cause you to return to another blank paper that is expensive to buy in the first place.

The umbrella factor – There are so many options available when it comes to ordering your wedding invitations. With the wide variety of choices available, you can easily put back the “personal touch” in an invitation “written” by technology. By getting your invitations professionally done, you will have so much more flexibility. You can personalize it any way you want, from choosing the right color that reflects your wedding’s theme perfectly to picking the right style of paper that goes with your wedding style – be it classic, modern or glam. You can even decide on the size of the invitation card. If you want to veer away from the traditional rectangular card, there are many other options available.

Besides, there are a variety of options available when it comes to how you want the words to be printed out. You can pick the style, color and even the size of the font. With the number of options available no compromising will be necessary when it comes to readability and aesthetics.

What About the Envelope Addressing?

hand addressingLong before there were computers or even typewriters, hand was the only tool used for any sort of penmanship. Although the process was tedious and laborious, every invitation was addressed individually. In fact, handwritten envelopes can make the invitation look more exquisite. Besides, the more elegant the invitation looked, the more praise you got. On the other hand, typing the address made it look cheap. In fact, some brides might spend the time to learn calligraphy in order to address the invitation envelopes by their hands. There are also couples who will hire professionals to write the addresses.

This tradition of handwriting addresses has now become an etiquette. It is common to hear arguments saying no one reads the address on the envelope. But the truth is, when addressed with love, warmth and real ink, that invitation will be saved. Remember, the envelope that encloses all the information about your special day. It is something they would remember forever. Even if you are not a calligraphic master, hand addressing the invitations shows thoughtfulness and gratitude. This is a quality that you cannot get with a pre-printed label.

If you have an extremely lousy writing, ask your fiancee, Made of honor, friends or family members to help. You can even hire a calligrapher if you can afford the possible charges from them. You will get some of the most exquisite art that your guests will cherish if you go for the option of hiring a calligrapher. Another option? Call a hand addressing service. You get beautiful hand addressed invitations at a fraction of the price.

Wedding Thank You Card Etiquette

Wedding Thank You Cards? Handwritten or Typed?

thank youHandwritten! This is the answer to the question “do thank you cards have to be handwritten”. After the celebrations are over, it can seem like a daunting task to handwrite over 100 thank you cards. But nothing exudes the perfect feeling of gratitude to your guest more than a penned thank you note. Remember, your guests did not only make time to join you for your ceremony but also took time and brought a gift. As a result, it is always a good idea to purchase blank thank you cards with pre-printed graphics that complement your personality and write the note. This task is perfect to do as a couple. Instead of a simple “thank you for your gift”, it is very important to acknowledge the gift and talk about how much you appreciate it. Handwriting a thank you card is the least you can do when it comes to showing thankfulness to your guests.

Mention the gifts

Try to put in the thank you card a reference to the gift that you have received from the guest you are sending the note to. If a guest has given you a coffee maker, you can write something like “We drink a cup of coffee every morning. And we really love the coffee maker you sent us.” This would show them that you truly value the present that they have chosen for you. This would also put a more personal touch to your thank you note.

Send them soon

Thank you notes should be sent as soon as possible. You should try to send them shortly after the wedding, preferably before your honeymoon. In most cases, sending them a month after your wedding is still acceptable but try not to go beyond that. Any longer than a month and your guests may think that you didn’t like their gifts or their gestures are not appreciated. The ideal time is a week after the big day. In fact, you may try to prepare all these cards before your ceremony so that you can send them just before you leave for your honeymoon. But most couples get busy with their honeymoon and for the fact that there are so many cards to write and send, a full month working on it is good enough.

What To Consider Apart From The Etiquette

The above are some of the issues you need to remember when it comes to the etiquette. In this site, you will discover all the aspects you will need to pay attention to. It is very true that there are some general rules that you have to keep in mind. There are also other ideas you need to know. For example, you may send some of your friends announcement cards if you are not going to invite them to your wedding. You will have to know the etiquette of wedding announcement cards in this case. You can find more tips from our Invitation Etiquette section.

Besides the associated etiquette, it is also important to consider the designs of the invites carefully. Remember, they will set the tone of your event. A good planning is essential at this point. We will also provide useful tips on planning your invitations here. No matter you are going to have an informal or a formal wedding card, we hope that this mini-site on wedding invitation’s etiquette can help you when you are organizing your invites.

Happy Wedding!

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