Asian Wedding Invitations

Japanese umbrella
The idea of Japanese umbrella can become unique Asian wedding invitation ideas

One of the most important days of anyone and everyone’s life is the day when the individual gets married. On this day one would like to invite everyone who is a part of their lives so that they can share the memorable moments and the happiness and joy of that special day and also so that they can get everyone’s blessings to start the new life. All the arrangements are done with a lot of care and up to perfection. Similarly, the invitations are also something very special. Here are a few ideas which one can think about and even adopt to make their own Asian Wedding invitations. One has to just invest a little time to pave their way towards success.

3 Ideas On Asian Wedding Invitations

Cherry Blossom Design

Cherry Blossom DesignIf you are looking for something that is beautiful and attractive yet very simple then blossoms can prove to be a nice and a decent design for the Asian Invitation cards. It would be good if you choose a piece of paper with pale brown or any other light color. After you pick the card you can draw a red colored blossom bunch of flowers on the right side of the card. This should be done at the bottom. Then, a green bunch of leaves or something like a green bouquet can be drawn opposite to the red color blossom bunch of flowers. All the space in the center can be used to write the welcoming words that you want to use to invite everyone. With the use of this simple and sober color combination in the design, the invitation will look elegant and will be loved by all.

When it comes to Asian inspired weddings, There are a lot of brides and grooms who just love the cherry blossom designs. For such couples one single bunch of flowers would make the cards look more elegant. One can write anything that they prefer in the empty space of the invitation. This would be an elegant blend of modernity and tradition.

Bamboo Design

Bamboo DesignOther than the blossoms one can select the pattern with the bamboo for the design of the Asian wedding invitations. You can pick the traditional colored card and then draw double happiness symbols on the invites. Red and white color can be used for this. This design would make the card look incomplete so you can draw a bamboo tree with beautiful leaves. Such bamboo wedding invitations do not only complete but also stunning. When you select the color for the tree it should be in contrast with the color of the card at the back of it. On the other side of the card you can write the note for invitation.

Another elegant and attractive Asian inspired wedding card can be a cool light colored card with bamboo prints. This would be perfect for those who prefer a lot of space to write the inviting words. With all these ideas you can make your own invitation the most unique. And by doing this another memorable thing will be added in the memories of the most precious day of your life.

Double Happiness Design

Double Happiness DesignIf you are the one who loves the oriental beauty then you must go for the designs that are done with traditional styles. This light colored invitation would prove to be cost effective as well. To add to the design you can draw a symbol of double happiness. Double happiness wedding invitations are very popular in terms of Chinese wedding card designs. This can be drawn at the top center. To keep the Asian theme, it would be good to add the details in red color. This color is the best associated with Chinese culture. Without any surprise, a Chinese-style wedding card can be perfect for your Asian theme wedding!

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