Unique Wedding Invitation Wording Samples – Examples of Verses

When it comes to the wedding invitation wording, it is very important that you will do it right. You will have to ensure that you will not make any mistakes. Brides and grooms will usually spend some time on planning for the texts of the invitations. As a matter of fact, the texts should blend with the main theme or design of the cards. This will help you to make them more special and unique.

For the wording for wedding invitations, it is very true that there are a lot of etiquette guidelines you need to consider. No matter it is the abbreviations or capitalization, you will have to consider them very carefully. There are some tips and ideas you must know when you are trying to write the invitation verses.

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Unique Wedding Invitation Wording Samples

The wording will be different under different circumstances. As a result, you will need to look for the samples of verses which suit your own situations. In fact, our samples will cover most scenarios brides and grooms may need to face.

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• Groom’s Parents Inviting
• Parents Divorced
• Deceased Parents
• Second Marriage

Tips To Plan For The Invitation Wordings

wedding invitation wordingThe above are the samples of wording you will want for your invites. Of course you do not just copy these example, you need to make some alterations and write your own wordings. At this point, you will want to know how you can make the alterations.

Here, there are some tips you have to know in order to write the wording! With all these tips, it will be a lot easier for you to write your invitation. So, make sure that you will read these tips. They will certainly help you in order to prepare the best wording for your invites.


When you write normally, you will use a lot of punctuations. Here, I would like to talk especially about the use of periods. Normally, you will use periods at the end of each sentence. However, the case is different when it comes to the invitation wording. If you have ever seen some wording samples, you will certainly find out that there is no period after the sentences. In fact, periods are seldom used even when the wording looks like a whole paragraph.

Of course, you may still see the periods. Yet, they will be used after abbreviations such as Mrs. and Mr. etc. Though there will not be periods after each sentence. You will still use commas. Usually, you will see them between the date and also the address of your event.


As discussed, you will not see periods at the end of the sentences. Yet, you will still use capitals from the first word of each sentence. As a matter of fact, it is not necessary to capitalize the first letter of the first word of each line. You will only try to capitalize the first word of each sentence. Besides, the first letter of title abbreviations will be capitalized. This is also true for the names and date of the wedding.

The above ideas usually apply to some traditional wedding invitation wording etiquette. The case can be different when you are planning for the wordings for a more modern design. In this case, there are usually two options. The first option is that none of the letters will be capitalized. This can help to make the invitations unique. On the other hand, some couples will choose to capitalize the first letter on every verse line. You should consider these two ideas if you plan to have some modern designs.

Numbers and Words

When you see some the wording samples, you will see that the date is usually written in full, this means that you will not write something like “12, Aug. Instead”, you will need to write things like “the twelfth of August”. Yet, you may use numbers when it comes to the street address.

You may have seen wordings like “request the honour of your presence” when you receive an invitation. You may wonder why “houour” is used. Usually, this will be used for more formality. Of course you can also use “honor”. Yet, you should go for the former if you want to make the unique wedding invitation wording really formal.

Wording For Wedding Invitations – Informal Wedding

Last but not the least, the above ideas are usually for invitations which are more traditional and formal. In this case the etiquette is very important. Again, if you want to go for something more modern or you are the kind of person who are more casual, you can create your own unique wordings.

It can be very flexible. You can write in any style you want as long as the wedding invitation verses include all the information of your wedding. You may even try to create something funny if you want. Although you will be creating less formal verses or wording for wedding invitations, you will still have to think about the design theme of your invitations. For example, the wedding invitation verses can be related to Halloween if you are going to have a Halloween themed wedding. of course the design card will also be related to this theme.

As a matter of fact, you can even try to blend the wording to the design style of your invitation card. If you are going to use the flip-flop invitation design for your beach wedding, you may want to write a verse which is related to the idea of flip-flops. Again, the baseline will be that you will include all the necessary information of your wedding. If you can really do it, you will be able to make your invitation totally special because both the design and wordings are unique.

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