Unique Wedding Invitation Wording Samples – Examples of Verses

When it comes to the wedding invitation wording, it is very important that you will do it right. You will have to ensure that you will not make any mistakes. Brides and grooms will usually spend some time on planning for the texts of the invitations. As a matter of fact, the texts should blend with the main theme or design of the cards. This will help you to make them more special and unique.

For the wording for wedding invitations, it is very true that there are a lot of etiquette guidelines you need to consider. No matter it is the abbreviations or capitalization, you will have to consider them very carefully. There are some tips and ideas you must know when you are trying to write the invitation verses.

writing wedding invitation wording

Unique Wedding Invitation Wording Samples

The wording will be different under different circumstances. As a result, you will need to look for the samples of verses which suit your own situations. In fact, our samples will cover most scenarios brides and grooms may need to face.

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• Groom’s Parents Inviting
• Parents Divorced
• Deceased Parents
• Second Marriage

Wedding Invitation Wordings – Bride & Groom Inviting

It is very common for brides and grooms to decide to invite the guests themselves. In this section, we will show you examples of wedding invitation wordings when the bride and groom are the ones who invite the guests. Here are some example you can consider:

Bride & Groom Inviting Verse A

We have decided on forever
and forever begins when we
Olive Ryan
Peter Paul
will get married
on April 12, 2007
at 4 pm
Grand Ballroom, SD Hotel
100 Addison Road
Washington, D.C.

Bride & Groom Inviting Verse B

Kitty Scott
Tom Harris
have chosen the first day
of their new life together
as Friday, the fifteenth of July
two thousand eleven
You are invited to share in their joy
as they exchange marriage vows
at eleven o’clock in the morning
The Methodist Church
1005 S Throop Street
Chicago, IL

Bride & Groom Inviting Verse C

Samanta Lee
Alan Mitchell
request the pleasure of the company of


on the occasion of their marriage
to be celebrated at
2.30pm at
Zion Church
18342 City Avenue
Palm City, Florida

Dress Code: Black Tie

Bride & Groom Inviting Verse D

Together with their parents
Janice Bailey
Henry Edwards
joyfully invite you to share
in their happiness
as they unite in marriage
on May 18th
at 3 o’clock in the afternoon
Baton Churches
200 The Gate Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts

Bride & Groom Inviting Verse E

A fresh new day, and it is ours
a day of happy beginnings
when we, Alana Taylor
and Derek Moore
pledge our love as one
on Monday, the seventeenth of June
Two thousand thirteen
at ten o’clock in the morning
St. Peter’s Church
52 East Orchid Street
Chicago, Illinois
We joyfully ask you
to share this day with us

Bride & Groom Inviting Verse F

We joyously invite you
to celebrate with us,
Jenny Cooper
Cyrus Stewart
as we exchange wedding vows
on Sunday, the thirty-first of July
Two Thousand Eleven
at eleven o’clock in the morning
Martin Church
28 Oak Avenue
New York, New York

Bride & Groom Inviting Verse G
One Day, He asked, and she said yes…

Mandy Cox
Jeffrey Ramirez
invite you to share in their happiness
on September 18th
at 4:00 pm
The Hilton Hotel
230 Main Avenue
Harvey, IL

Bride & Groom Inviting Verse H

They laugh together. They cry together
and today, they decide to stay together…

Amy Liu
Jimmy Ross
would like to request the honor of your presence
at their marriage
on February 17, 2011
at 3:00 pm
Billy Hotel
18 Copper Street
Boston, Massachusetts

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Wording Examples – Parents Inviting

Parents of both the bride and groom inviting are the most common way to write the wedding invitation wordings. You will probably go for this option if your parents are going to finance the wedding. You can easily see such kind of wording for a formal invitation. Of course, this is not a must for you to make it formal. Even if the invitation is informal, you can still choose these wording ideas. Here are some examples of wording you can consider. You can find both formal and informal examples here. You can choose the one which will suit your preferences and wedding theme.

Parents Inviting Verse A

Mr. and Mrs. Simon Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Dinos Cox
request the honour of your
presence at the marriage of
their children
Jane Evans
Miguel Cox
on Sunday, the fourth of December
two thousand eleven
at five o’clock in the afternoon
Grand Ballroom
Kimberley Hotel
reception immediately to follow

Parents Inviting Verse B

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bailey
invite you to share in the joy
of the marriage uniting their children
Cammy Ward
Wallace Bailey
Monday, the twenty-third of June
two thousand fourteen
half past ten in the morning
Well Hope Church
12, Ava Avenue
Chicago, IL

Parents Inviting Verse C

Mr. and Mrs. Jamarion Torres
Mr. and Mrs. Mugisa Reed
invite you to share in the joy
of the marriage uniting their
Mirari Marie Torres
Ryan Reed
on Tuesday, the nineteenth of February
two thousand thirteen
at five o’clock in the afternoon
Grand Ballroom
Sunny Bay Hotel
33 Kingsley Drive
Chicago, IL
reception to follow

Parents Inviting Verse D

Janis Ross
Lyall Sanders
enter into their new life together
their parents
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Peterson
Doctor and Mrs. Tattuye Watson
invite you to share in the joy
when their children unite in marriage
on Sunday, twenty-fifth of September
two thousand eleven
at half past eleven in the morning
Hope Well Church
38 Main Avenue
Armona, CA

Parents Inviting Verse E

With joyful hearts,
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Barnes
Major General and Mrs. Azhar Richardson
invite you to the
marriage ceremony uniting their children
Regina Barnes
Kamber Richardson
on Wednesday November 22, 2017
at 6.00 p.m.
Kimmy Loving Hotel
reception to follow

Parents Inviting Verse F

Mr. and Mrs. Derek Robinson
together with
Mr. and Mrs. Auburn Coleman
are proud to invite


to celebrate the marriage of their children
Ella and Dunne
at Hopeful Church
on Sunday 16th June 2019
at 4.30 p.m.
and reception afterward at
The Selly Royal Hotel
at 7.00 p.m.

RSVP: 18th May 2019
Phone: (773) 212-4716
Dress: Black Tie
Address: 18 Main Avenue
Chicago, IL
Parents Inviting Verse G

Mr. and Mrs. Felix Gonzalez
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Roberts
invite you to witness
the union of their families as
Joanne and Gemi
are getting married
on Thursday, the fourteenth of May
two thousand fifteen
at ten o’clock in the morning
The Methodist Church
15 Tobily Drive
Arizona City, AZ

Parents Inviting Verse H

Tammy Parker
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Parker
Anthony Powell
son of Mr. and Mrs. Guang Powell
request the pleasure of the company of


at their marriage
on Sunday, the twenty-first of August
at seven o’clock in the afternoon
The Sheras Hotel
reception immediately to follow

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Bride’s Parents Inviting

In some cases, the parents of the bride will be the ones who invite the guests to the wedding. Of course the wordings will be a bit different from the case that the parents of the bride and groom are inviting. Let us discuss how we can prepare the bridal invitation wording in this case.

Example A

Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Davidson
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter

Jenny Silva
Mr. John Vincent Jensen

Sunday, the eighth of October
Two thousand and Seventeen
at ten o’clock in the morning
All Saints Church
12, Love Avenue

Example B

The day is so beautiful
because of love

Mr. and Mrs. Benny Owen
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter

Mr. Johnson Byrd

on Monday, the second of June
Two thousand and fourteen
at six o’clock in the afternoon
Simple Love Church


Example C

As two become one
the life changes
the world is full of love

Mr. and Mrs. Mendoza
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter


on 20 May 2013
at 8:00 in the evening
The Never Ending Love Hotel
985 New Life Street

Example D

Mr. and Mrs. Johnathan Holland
request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter


son of
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Soto

Sunday, the seventeenth of May
two thousand and fifteen
at seven o’clock in the evening
New Grand Seasons Hotel


Common Format Of The Wording

You may wonder about the formats when preparing such kind of bridal invitation wording. Since the bride’s parents are going to invite, the name of the parents will usually put at the very beginning of the wording. In some cases, you may want to write a poem or a short sentence before the names. The name of the bride will follow the names of the parents. Next, the name of the groom will be put.

After the groom’s name, there are two choices. Some couples will put the names of the groom’s parents after the name of the groom. No matter these names will be put on the card or not, the next part will be the date and time of the wedding.

It is common to ask if the names of the groom’s parents should be put on the card. There is no definite answer to this question. Again, it is essential to discuss with your spouse-to-be and also the parents. Communication is always the key when preparing the invitation wordings.

Ideas To Prepare The Bridal Invitation Wording

As a matter of fact, it is always important to consider who is going to invite. You need to consider this issue very carefully. Other it will be difficult for you to make the wedding invitation etiquette right. This issue is probably the first thing you need to consider when you are preparing the wording of your invites.

There are in fact some cases it will be natural for the parents of the bride to invite. One of the reasons will be related to the financial issue of the wedding. If the bride’s parents are going to finance the whole wedding, it can be a good idea for them to invite. On the other hand, they may also become the ones to invite if the parents of the groom are decreased. Of course there can also be other options in this case. The bride and groom can decide to invite on their own for example. Usually, you can make this decision after you have discussed with your family members and your spouse-to-be.

At this point, you may ask if there is some information that is unique to this type of wording. In fact, the information should be similar to other types of wording. Not matter who is going to invite, it is important to include all the necessary information such as the date and venue of the event. Of course you may also need to see if you need to prepare other stationery items such as the RSVP cards.

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Casual, Fun And Informal Wedding Invitation Wording

Without any surprise, casual wedding invitation wording will be different from a formal one. It will be more informal. You can even make it interesting. You do not need to follow the standard and formal format while you are preparing your fun wedding invitation wording. You can let your creativity fly.

Here are some examples if you want to make the wording of your invite casual:

Verse A

Amy and John are Tying the Knot Soon!
Join us as we Exchange our Vows,

Let us Drink a Toast
And Dance with Fun

June 13, 2013
at 19:00
Happy Together Bar and Restaurant

Verse B

Please Share in our Joy
at the Marriage of our Daughter

Daisy Jones
David Lee

Sep 20, 2016
at 19:30
Lake Side Yacht Club
Wedding Party to Follow

Verse C

You’re Invited!
Katherine and Peter
are Getting Married Soon!

We Hope You Will Share in Our Joy
and Join us

November 11, 2014
at Six o’clock
Grand Ballroom
Jasmine Hotel

Verse D

The Boy Met The Girl
and She Said I Do
Do you Want to Know
the Rest of the Story?

Join us on August 20, 2017
at 20:00
Homey Lover Hotel

as Kate and Derek
Celebrate their Commitment

Let us Drink, Dance and Have Fun!

As you can see from the above, there is virtually no restriction when you prepare the wording. However, the wording should match the design and style of your wedding card design. If the design of it is a casual one, the text and message on the card will certainly be informal.

The above are some of the examples of informal wording you can consider. It is possible to make it something funny.

Fun Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

In order to make your invitation message funny, you can try to make some jokes. This can be something interesting and your guests will love it.

Verse E

We are Getting Married very Soon!

Date: June 18, 2014
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Venue: The Avenue Pub

Come and Join us
or We will Unfriend you on Facebook (Just Kidding!)
We Hope to See you Coming!
Sandy and James

If you think that the above joke is a bit offensive (some people may think that), you can go for something a bit mild. Yet, you will still want to make fun out of it.

Verse F

Mary and Bob
are Legalizing their Relationship

You are Invited to be the Witness
on 27 March, 2015
at 18:30
Sunny Cafe

Verse G

Jeremy is going to have a new life with Kitty.

He knew that there will be some changes.
He did not know that he would need to pay for the Vera Wang dress.

But he is happy to accept the changes.

We would like to invite you to join us
and see the moment of change together.
on 30 April, 2016
at 13:00
Seaside Cafe and Restaurant
Help! Please reply!

The above are funny wedding invitation wording ideas with the use of jokes. A sense of humor is always needed. There is also another way to make it fun. However, more design skills will be required in this case. You can take a look at this example.

Verse H

The above sample shows that you can make it like an info-graphic, instead of creating normal wording!

Some More Consideration For Your Informal Wedding Card

Should My Wedding Be Informal As Well

A short answer to this question is a YES. Of course you can still make the event formal. However, the invitation will not match your theme. As a result, it is better to have a casual theme if the wording on the invites is informal. Your guests will not expect a formal event when they receive your invitation cards. They may not have their formal dressing on when they come to your party. To make everything consistent, you are always suggested to have an informal event. The party can be full of fun and your guests can really enjoy.

Let Your Creativity Fly

As discussed, there is no concrete rule when you prepare the message on the card. You can just create anything you want. You can write your own poem and incorporate it into the wording. The poem can be funny. You can write whatever you want as long as they are not something offensive.

Remember To Include The Basic Information

No matter you are creating fun, casual or informal wedding invitation wording, you must include all the basic information of your big day. This is the essence of your message. There is no point to make it funny if this information is not included. The date, time and venue should be written. This is probably the only rule you will have to follow!

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Engagement Invitation Wording

There can be different variations when it comes to the engagement invitation wordings. In fact, this can be divided into three different scenarios – couple inviting, parents inviting and couple with parents inviting. Here are a few samples for your reference.

Couple Inviting

Verse A

Introducing the future
Mr. and Mrs. Wright
Please join us for an
engagement party honoring
Keith and Daisy
on Friday, May 24th, 2016 at 7:30 p.m.
Honeymoon Cafe
32 Main Drive
Stork, Michigan

Verse B

We’re bubbling with the news…
Tammy and Tommy
are engaged!

Join us for
cocktails and dinner
May 22th at 5:00 p.m.
Ballroom, Miranda Hotel
82 Top Main Drive

Verse C

The honor of your presence is
at a Party celebrating
the engagement of
Wallace and Cammy
on the twenty-third of November
two thousand thirteen
at seven o’clock in the evening
Nelson Cafe and Bar
85 Ivory Road
Brandon, Texas

Verse D

Alice Carter
David Perez
request the pleasure of the company of


at their engagement party
on Sunday, the fifteenth of June
two thousand seventeen
at three o’clock in the afternoon
Benny Lover Hotel
32 Classic Road

Parents Inviting

Verse E

Mr. and Mrs. Edison Lee
together with
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Reed
are proud to invite


to celebrate the engagement of their children
Amy and Derek
at Honey Baby Restaurant
928 Martin Avenue
on the thirteenth of May
two thousand fourteen
at six o’clock in the evening
dress code: smart casual

Couple With Parents Inviting

Verse F

Together with their parents
Amy Richardson
Patrick Price
request the pleasure of the company of


at their engagement
at Sunny Bar and Restaurant
12 Cox Bay Avenue
on the eighteenth of July
two thousand fifteen
at six o’clock in the evening
dress code: smart casual

From the above, you can see how you should plan for the wordings in different cases. When you are reading verses A to D, you may also realize that the first two are more casual while the other two are more formal. You can choose the one which will suit your preferences and theme of the event.

Tips To Announce The Engagement

In fact, you will send the invitations to your friends even before you start planning for the wedding. In the past, engagement could be something very formal and the engagement invitation wording will also be very formal. Yet, the case can be different these days. It is also common to make the engagement part a more intimate and informal event.

There are people who want to give their friends a surprise when they announce the engagement. In this case, the invitation wordings will totally be different from the above samples. You will not talk about the engagement in the invitations. Instead, you will just try to invite your friends to a normal part. Then you will announce your engagement in the party. It is just a matter of preferences. You can certainly choose something you prefer. The only thing is that you have to remember that you may not really need an engagement invitation if you are going to announce it in the party without letting your friends to know that before the party.

Engagement Invitation Wording Etiquette

Without any surprise, there is some etiquette you need to know when you are planning for the wordings of your invitation. In fact, there is no fixed rule when you are planning for the wordings. You can go for the idea of a formal wording if you are not planning to surprise your guests.

Of course you may not go for the idea of formal wordings if you are going to have something more casual in your party. To this end, you can try to write something more interesting when you are planning for your engagement invitation wording. For instance, you can write “You’re invited to hear Amy and Tony’s Big News!” This can be something interesting. If you still want to give your guests a bit of surprise, you can just say that there will be big news without mentioning the engagement. You will only announce that in the party in this case.

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Wedding Shower Invitation Wording

You will need to plan for the bridal shower invites very carefully. You have to pay attention to the design and style of it. The wordings are also very important. Yes, it is very important that you plan for the wedding shower invitation wording with your greatest care. There are usually two different scenarios. The wording for a couple’s shower is different from a more traditional bridal shower. Here are some samples for you.

Couple’s Shower Invitation Wording

Verse A

Bridal Showers Bring Wedding Flowers!
Joanne White and Dicky LEE are getting married.
Before they tie the knot, let’s shower them with love
and a few presents!
Join us for a couple’s shower
June 8, 2014, 7:30 p.m.
Boa House
79 Boa Street

Please bring your favorite recipe

Regrets only to Kelly at 845-856-478

Verse B

We are excited to announce that
Mandy and Jeremy
will get a real charge
when we honor them with
a Wedding Shower
on Sunday, November 21st at 7:30 p.m.
576 Oak Street

Hosted by:
Kelly, Susan, Dom and Carlos


Bridal Shower Invite Wording

Verse C

We would be pleased
to have you join us at a
Bridal Party
Jennifer Garcia
fiancee of Jacky Martin
on Sunday, May 19th
at 4:00 pm
Kimberley Hotel
325 King’s Avenue

Verse D

Come celebrate our bride-to-be
Diana Turner
as she prepares to have the time of her life
when she marries Wallace Lee
An Around-the-Clock Bridal Shower and Brunch
May 28th, 2013, 10:00 a.m.
Your time of day is _____________

John Bennett
[email protected]

Verse E

The time is right to celebrate
Dol’s upcoming wedding date!
Around the Clock Bridal Shower
Dolie Hill
Tuesday, April 5th
at 3:00 p.m.
18 Belly Street, Tampa, FL

RSVP to Alice at (859) 568-7548

Verse F

Please join us in showering
Amy White
with love and best wishes
at a party in her honor
on March 17th
at 12:00 noon
Ball Room, Cammy’s Hotel
546 Gimmy Road

Sally Cook

R.S.V.P. (842)842-8425

Tips Of Wedding Shower Invitation Wording

As discussed, there will be two different scenarios when you are planning for the wording of the shower. Remember, you will have to plan for them carefully. Brainstorming is very important. You can take the invitations of your friends as examples. You can also have a lunch with your friends and family members and ask for their opinions.

Information To Include

Usually, there is some information you have to include in your invitation. As in the case of the wedding invitation, you will have to mention the date, time and venue of the shower party. Besides, you may also include the topic and theme of the party.

The hosts of the party may not be the couple. If it is a couple’s shower, it is important to include the names of both the bride-to-be and groom-to-be. On the other hand, the name of the bride-to-be has to be included if it is a bridal shower.

If it is difficult to find the location of the venue, you may want to include a map as well. Be sure to put a contact number and the contact person on the card. If the guests cannot find their ways to the venue, they will be able to contact someone to seek help.

Make It Less Boring

You may think that it will be boring if you stick to some standard format of the wordings. It is very common to write phrases such as “You are cordially invited to”. However, you may find it boring when it comes to the wedding shower invitation wording. As a result, you can try to write something not so traditional. It can be something not so formal. You can certainly write something which is full of fun.

Besides, you do not need to make it wordy. Though you may want to write some interesting phrases, you will still need to make it clear and simple. You should try to keep it to less than 10 sentences. This will always be good for your bridal shower invitation wording. Another point to consider is the font to be chosen. Of course, it is essential to choose fonts which are not too boring. However, you have to remember that you need to choose a font which can be easily read.

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Destination Wedding Wording Samples

Without any surprise, you will want some examples of wordings for your wonderful destination event. In fact, it is not something complicated. Here is an example for you:

Example 1

Miranda Copper
Bosco King
Are getting married
in a sunset ceremony
in Bali
Please join them for a
wedding celebration
Sunday, the twenty-first of August
two thousand eleven
Resort Bali
Laksmana, Bali

Example 2

Met in Japan
Fell in love in Japan
United in love in Japan …
Please join us as we
Jennifer White
Jacky Lewis
join our lives in marriage
on 22 July 2013 at 5pm
Aenoka Church
Toyko, Japan

Example 3

At sunrise in Guam
Queenie Lee
James Morris
join hands in marriage
You are invited
to join the celebration
on 20 July 2011
at 10pm
Crystal Chapel

Example 4

It all begins at Twilight
but be prepared to stay the night!
Alice Campbell
David Rogers
invite you to share
the beginning of their new life
when they exchange marriage vows
on Sunday, the fifth of August
at 10 a.m.
two thousand twelve
Loving Couple Resort
Phuket, Thailand
Dress code: swimming suit

Without any surprise, the above will be consider something relatively informal. Yet, it should be good enough when a destination wedding is concerned. Besides this sample, there are also some considerations while you are planning for the wordings of your destination wedding invitations. Let us discuss more in detail now.

Banking on Your Creativity for the Right Destination Wedding Invitation Wording

Choosing the right look and feel of an invitation card for that rare occasion like a wedding is no longer the hassle that it used to. No need to re-invent the well, so to speak, or hire the services of an art agency for the purpose. This can also be one of the services in a nuptial package offered by wedding consultants so the couples need not be bothered with the details of keeping the wedding smooth and a memorable moment for the guests, the families and the couple.

Your Thematic Choices

A simple online search on wedding invitations will turn up hundreds of sites that offer a wide array of designs under various themes for wedding card designs. There are designs themes for the seasons of the year or the closest holidays to represent the time of your wedding. There are designs falling under such thematic categories as cartoons, historic times like Baroque, Victorian, Colonial, etc., as well as nature, hobbies, movies and culinary specialties around the world.

But some of the most popular themes revolve around destinations and landmarks around the world. They include such picture perfect sites like the Roman Coliseum, the pyramids of Egypt, the game preserves of Africa, the waterfalls of Niagara, the monuments and edifices of history EU countries, the pristine beaches of tropical islands and the throbbing nightlife of many cities. Each design motif can aptly represent the location of your wedding or where the couples come from. Or it can be a tease on where the honeymoon will be held.

Choosing the Right Destination Wedding Invitation Wording

Whichever destination motifs you choose, the next thing to consider are the invitation wordings. Many online wedding invitation choices are simple. After choosing invite design, you simply fill out the form to personalize the card with the relevant details we’ve come to expect in a wedding invite – names and places for the church and banquet, along with the sponsors and the time and date.

Once done, the online site generates the final wedding invites and you only need to click the approval button to prompt the payment for printing and shipping. Many sites also ask for the kind of paper to be used or if there’s any die-cutting to be done. And that’s all there is to it.

But most sites will prompt you for the exact invitation wording you want to put on the invite rather than making it form-driven. This gives you a greater creative latitude to personalize the invite as you would not only put the details but compose the sentences yourself.

Like with other themes, destination wedding invitation wordings typically start with the header like: “You are cordially invited to be part of the celebration uniting the hearts of A and B.” The wordings often depend on who is inviting. The example is a dispassionate 3rd person doing the invite but it could be the parents of the groom or bride like “We, the parents of A and B request your presence to grace their conjugal union this Sunday….” The wording variations are as rich as your creative writing abilities can deliver.

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Beach Wedding Invitation Wording Examples

The invitations wordings for your beach wedding can be very flexible. In fact, you do not need to make it something formal. Such an event is usually something informal at the end of the day. Yet, you can still make the wordings formal if you really want to do so. There are some ideas and tips you should know in order to write the contents of the cards. First of all, let us take a look at a few beach wedding invitation wording examples.

Formal Wordings

Verse A

we wrote our names in the sand,
and the waves washed them away,
so we will write them in our hearts,
and there they will stay.
Miss Amy Thomas and Mr. Jimmy White
Request the pleasure of


at their beach wedding
on the nineteenth of August
two thousand twelve
at four o’clock
Beauty Alana Resort
Alana Beach, Bali
reception to follow
Beach Restaurant, Beauty Alana Resort


Verse B

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Benny Hall
request the honor of your presence
At the seaside marriage of their children
Salina and Dominic
on the fifteenth of July
two thousand and ten
at five o’clock
at The Harbor Resort,
Corina Beach
Panama City, FL

More Informal Examples

Verse C

Emma Garcia
Alexander Jackson
invite you
to celebrate our union
overlooking the blue waters
On Saturday, 17 July 2011 at 4pm
Beauty Beach
Bali, Indonesia

Verse D

They cast their lines
Into the sea of love,
And they both hooked a keeper!
Elana Martinez
Peter Walker
invite you to share in the joy
when they exchange marriage vows
on Sunday, 31 July 2011 at 3 p.m.
Two hearts will unite
under the sunshine
Royal Honey Resort
Honey Beach
Kauai, Hawaii

Verse E

A beautiful beach
A clear blue sky
A love united
With waves crashing nearby
Helen Robinson
Brian Allen
on 20 August 2014 at 5pm
Lovers Beach
Panama City, FL

Verse F

A beach with a beautiful sun
Two hearts become one
Please join us on the sand
Jane Carter
Raymond Turner
invite you to share in the joy
when they exchange marriage vows
and begin their new life together
on 18 Jun 2010 at 11 a.m.
Beauty Lovers Resort
Dream Beach
Bali, Indonesia

The above are some of the ideas and examples you can consider for your beach wedding invitation wordings. You can certainly create your own wording to this end. It is always said that writing the invitations for the beach wedding is just like writing a poet. Yes, it is very true that you should try to express your true feelings while you are writing the invitation cards.

How To Write Your Own Beach Invitation Wording

Your personality

First of all, your personality is an important point to consider when creating your beach wedding invitations wording. You should try to create the wordings in a way that they will reflect your own personalities. In fact, this does not only apply to the wordings. It is also important for you to show your personalities in the design of the beach theme wedding invitations. By doing this you will be able to make the design original.

Information to be included

Remember, as long as you can include all the information about your event, your wording will be good enough. As a result, there is no such thing as wrong wordings. Yes, it is true that you may need to think about some etiquette. However, this should never some something very important if you want to create a relatively informal card. You can refer back to the above samples for some formal expressions of the wording.

Phrases about beach

The invites will set the tone for your wedding. You need to let your guests know that it is a beach themed event. It is important that you will add some phrases which are related to the idea of sunshine, sea, and beach. This will be good if you can add such phrases at the beginning of the wordings of your beach wedding invitations. The words “sand” and “sea” are extensively used in this kind of wedding invitation cards. Besides, you should consider the main design of the card. Make sure that the design will reflect the ideas of being on the beach.

Fonts and typefaces

The fonts are important while you are designing the cards. Though this may not be directly related to the invitation wording, they are somehow correlated. The is no restriction when it comes to the typefaces or fonts. You can choose any font you want. There are brides and grooms who love to use fonts which are funny and relaxing. This will reflect the idea of being informal of the beach wedding.

There is no such thing as wrong wordings

Brides and grooms will worry that they do not write the beach wedding invitation wording correctly. The truth here is that there nothing will be wrong as long as you include all the necessary information. It is a relatively informal event at the end of the day. And this is also true for the wedding cards. You do not need to follow all the rules of wordings for traditional invitations. It is quite free when you are creating the wordings.

Write and plan it properly for your guests

As discussed, you have to express your personalities when you are preparing the beach invitation wording. You also have to consider your guests. Although you do not have to follow the traditional rules, you should not use some languages which are unsuitable either. This is especially true when you are sending the invitation to Your 90-year-old grandma.

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Las Vegas Wedding

The wordings are something a real headache for couples. You may find it even more difficult when it comes to a wedding in Las Vegas. Brides and grooms just do not know how to write the invitations. Let us see some samples of invitation wording for your special wedding now.

Wedding Verse A

They rolled the dice together
and took a gamble on their future
The dice were right!!
Alice and James
have decided to be united in love!
You are invited to join
their marriage ceremony
on March 13, 2015
at 11 o’clock in the morning
Love Vegas Chapel
Las Vegas, Nevada

Wedding Verse B

Come to try your luck
and win a buck …
Join us in Las Vegas!
Kitty Jones
Benny Bell
April 22, 2012
7:00 p.m.
Vegas Grand Chapel
Las Vegas, Nevada

Wedding Verse C

Once upon a time…
in Las Vegas …
a Boy met a Girl …
You are invited to join us on
May 28, 2011
at 8:00 p.m.
Hopewell Vegas Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada
Patty Turner and Ben Copper
will become husband and wife

Wedding Verse D

Smith will be pronounced husband and wife
We spun the wheel
and took a chance,
we hit the jackpot
with true romance!
Cammy Lee
Kenny Rogers
invite you to join their wedding on
March 22, 2013
at Great Love Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada

Wedding Verse E

We played the slot machine…
We hit the jackpot…
The story never ends…
Join us as
Samantha Nelson
Billy Gonzalez
exchange vows of marriage
on June 19, 2014
at the Grand Las Vegas Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada

Wedding Verse F

We rolled the dice
and get our lucky number 7
So we get married in Las Vegas!
Karen Collins
David Sanchez
on Sunday, May 10, 2015
at Grand Love Chapel
Las Vegas, Nevada

More Ideas About The Wordings

When you see the above examples, you will certainly see that they wordings are somehow related to the idea of getting married in Las Vegas. Without any surprise, it will be good if the wording can be related to the location or theme of the event. As a result, you can consider using phrases such as “Once upon a time, in Las Vegas”. This will be a very good opening for the verse. Apart from the above, it will also be beneficial to note that such weddings are usually destination events. It will also be a good idea to take a look at some destination wedding invitation wording examples in order to plan for the wordings of the invites.

In fact, most brides and grooms do not want to go for the traditional option when they are planning for their Las Vegas invitations. This is why the above examples are not something very formal. A lot of couples will go for an informal wording style when they are writing the invitations. To this end, you do not need to follow the exact wedding invitation etiquette. Instead, you should try to create your own wordings without thinking too much about the etiquette.

Besides the above, there are also some simple rules and tips you should bear in mind. It will be good if you can keep the wording simple. The main theme of the wedding should also be considered. The invitation wording should match the main theme. If you are going to have a poker night with your guests, you should try to write something related to poker.

Last but not the least, it is not always a must for you to have informal or even casual wordings when you are planning for the invitations. If you would like to go for something more formal, you can always choose some formal wordings for the invitation cards. They are totally perfect for your Las Vegas event.

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RSVP & Wedding Response Card Wording

It is common to include the RSVP cards when you are sending the wedding invitations. You will probably understand that you need to plan for the wordings of the main invite carefully. In fact, the wedding RSVP wording is also very important. Let us see some examples of wedding response card wordings now.

Example A

The favor of a reply is requested
by August 18, 2013.


____Accepts with pleasure
____Declines with regrets

Example B

A favored reply is requested
by April 19, 2016


____Accepts with pleasure
number of adults attending____
number of children attending____

____Declines with regrets

Example C

The favor of a reply is requested
by November 22, 2012

Will attend____ Will not attend____

Please indicate your meal choices:
Chicken____ Fish____ Vegetarian____

Example D

We would be honoured by your presence at our celebration.
The favour of your reply is requested by May 28, 2015

Name of Guests:__________________________

Number of Guests to Attend Wedding Ceremony____
Number of Guests to Attend Reception____

Sorry, we will be unable to attend____

Informal Wedding Response Card Wording

Example E

Please take a moment to fill in the blanks:


___Can’t wait!
___Can’t come!

Kindly reply before January 23, 2017

Wording for Online / Email RSVP Card

Example F

Please reply at our wedding website


by March 17, 2013

or fee free to call us
(222) 5421-5896

Example G

Kindly reply before February 26, 2015

[email protected]

or free free to call us
(333) 8456-5478

Some More Tips On Wedding RSVP Wording

In fact, the wording on your response card can be quite simple. From the above example, you may see there is an M line. This line is for the guests to write their names. It is also possible for you to have wedding response card wording without the M line. Yet, this can sometimes be considered less formal. You will certainly want to stick to the M line if you want to make it more formal.

It is also common to ask guests to reply by going online. If you have a wedding website, you may want to arrange the guest list online. It will be good to ask the guests to reply online in this case. Even if you do not have a website, you can still ask your guests to reply by sending your emails. Usually, email RSVP card wording can be informal and simple. Of course you can also ask your guests to reply by giving you a phone call. Some brides and grooms may even put the email wedding RSVP wording on the main invite. This is because it will only be two lines of words. In this case, you do not even need to print the RSVP cards.

Mistakes to Avoid

There is a common mistake that can always be seen. There are brides and grooms who write “please RSVP”. This is something incorrect when it comes to the wedding RSVP wording. RSVP is in fact the short form of the French phrase “répondez s’il vous plaît” which means “reply please”. As you can see, the short form RSVP already bears the meaning of “please”. It will be strange if you add the word “please” before this short form. This is a mistake we must avoid.

Besides, some couples will forget to put the date on the card. When you are planning for the wedding response card wording, it is always important to let your guests know when they should reply you. You will ask your guests to reply before a specific date. If you do not set this date, you will find it hard to arrange the catering since you do not know the exact of guests who are going to attend.

Formal or Informal RSVP Card Wording

You may want to know whether your RSVP card wording should be formal or informal. The answer here is that you will need to consider your main wedding theme, as well as the style of the invitation card. If you are going to have a formal wedding, you will probably send a more traditional invitation to your guests. In this case, the wedding RSVP wording can be more formal. Of course it will be something less formal if your event is not something formal. As discussed, it will be something informal if you are going to ask your guests to reply online.

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Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

Usually, the bridesmaid will hold a bridal shower for the bride-to-be. To this end, the guests will give gifts to the bride in the party. The party is meant for fun. Of course it is also a celebration for the bride-to-be. It is to celebrate that she will have a new life very soon. Without any surprise, you will need to pay attention to the design of the invites. It is also important to plan for the bridal shower invitation wording very carefully.

Verse A
Let’s wrap up our best wishes
and shower the bride with love!
We’re throwing
a Bridal Shower for
Kathy Jones
on April 18th
at 7:00 p.m.
Mani Bar and Restaurant
Verse B
It started with a kiss,
and now it’s come to this
Alice and Raymond
are getting married!
Please join us for a Bridal Shower in her honor
on July 22nd, 2014
at 7:30 p.m.
My Lover Cafe
Regrets only to Tammy 965-856-586
Verse C
Love is just like baking
and she finally gets the cake done
A bridal Shower
honoring our Bride to be
Margery Morgan
Sunday, November 15th
at four o’clock in the afternoon
Lambs Restaurant
846 My Love Avenue
Given by her bridesmaids
Cammy Jones and Breda Lee
r.s.v.p. (839) 2154-8543
Verse D
The hostesses cordially invite you to
a Bridal Shower
in honor of
Miss Cara Bell
bride-to-be of Mr. Wallace Jones
on Saturday, the fifteenth of October
Two thousand sixteen
from two until five o’clock in the afternoon
at the home of Mrs. Laura Cooper
8453 Loving You Only Court

–Bridal Registry–
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Regrets only to Mrs. Laura Cooper
[email protected]

Ideas For Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

The above are some common examples and ideas you can consider when planning for the wording of the invitations. There are in fact a lot of ways to make the wording more creative. You can create the wording based on the foods to be served or the activities during the party. Of course the theme of the party can also help you to generate some creative wording. You should try to spend some time on planning for the wordings.

Important Notes About The Wording

No matter what kind of invitation it is, you will have to include some basic information. In the case of a bridal shower, of course it will be important to mention the bride-to-be. This is no doubt about it. Besides, you will also include the date and venue. Without any surprise, you will need to ask for the response from the guests. In this case, it will be important to include the name and phone number of the contact person. If it is possible, it will also be beneficial to put the email address on the card as well. Sometimes you may even include some clues of gifts on the invitation.

Make The Invitation Wording Creative

As mentioned, there can be a lot of ways to make the wording creative. Traditional, phrase such as “Please join us for a bridal shower honoring NAME OF BRIDE-TO-BE” will be put on the card. After this phrase, you will write the basic information of the party on the card. If you want to step away from such traditional bridal shower invitation wording, you can try something totally different.

For example, you can think about the hobbies of the bride. If she loves baking, you can certainly write something about it. You can write a phrase like “Love is just like baking and she finally gets the cake done”. This can make the bridal shower invitation wording a lot more interesting. Remember, this is only one example, you should try to think about some special characters of the bride and you will be able to get some nice and interesting wording ideas.

Some Other Thoughts

Traditional, the names of the people who throw the shower or party will not be mentioned in the invitation. Of course you will still mention the names if they are the contact person for RSVP. Yet, this is not a rule you have to follow strictly. You can certainly mention the names if you think it is appropriate to do so.

There are bridesmaids who want to make the shower party a surprise. There is nothing wrong to do so. The bride-to-be will certainly love it. Yet, it will be a good idea to mention on the invitation. This will make sure that the guests will not tell the bride-to-be about it. It will be a good idea to highlight phrases such as “It is a surprise” in this case.

Remember, there is no a single rule when you are planning the wording for the bridal shower. You can certainly be creative and create your own interesting wordings so that every guest, as well as the bride-to-be, will be amazed.

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Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

Wedding planning involves a lot of details and decisions. In order to make it unique and perfect, a lot of brides and grooms will host a rehearsal dinner. Although it is not a must, most couples will still want to host this dinner. You will need to prepare the invitation wording of this dinner very carefully.

Let us take a look at some wording examples.

Verse A

Please join us for the
Rehearsal Dinner
on Saturday, July 20, 2013
Rehearsal at 6:00 p.m.
The Unity Church
Dinner at 7:00 p.m.
The Loving Loving Hotel

Hosted by
Macy and Danny

Verse B

We would like to
invite you to join the
Wedding Rehearsal dinner
in honor of
Jenny and David
Sunday, August 17
at 6:30 p.m.
Felix Inn Restaurant
20 North 12th Street

Please reply to Amy
(222) 585-8656

Verse C

Derek popped the question
and Cammy said “Yes”
All the planning is over
from the venue to the makeup
Only one thing remains for this day to be great
“Practice makes Perfect”
June 17th is the date
We’ll practice the ceremony,
and have a dinner in
the Lovely April Restaurant

Please join us
at 6 o’clock, Unity Love Church

Verse D
(sent by email)

Please join us to celebrate with
Katie & Frankie
at their wedding rehearsal dinner
Sunday, December 11, at 6:30 p.m.
Felix Inn Restaurant
20 North 12th Street

Rehearsal of the ceremony
immediately preceding dinner
at Omi Light Church.

You do not need to make the wording of the invitation too formal. It is up to your decision to make it formal or less formal. Of course you can consider this with the formality of the dinner. Besides, it is also very common to send emails as the invitation for the dinner. You can also do it if you want. This is one way to save money. And you can also find an example of email invitation from the above.

Other Tips For Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Of course you will need to spend the time on preparing the rehearsal dinner invitation wording. There are also some other issues to consider while you are planning for this event. A lot of brides and grooms will ask how many guests they should invite. Again, there is no fixed rule on this issue. It is usual to invite your closest friends and family members only. Without any surprise, you can also have a big party if you want. You should be the one who makes the final decision. The only thing is that the number of guests to invite will affect the number of invitations to be sent.

You can order the invitations when you are purchasing the main wedding invitations. This is certainly a very popular option. The prices of the cards will vary according to the number of cards you need and the design you love. Besides, it is totally alright for you to order the cards online. This can be excellent if you are going to order the wedding invitations from an online shop. Ordering all the stationery together can help you to save money. This is because the shops will usually offer some discounts when you order all the items at the same time.

You can also consider printing a quick and simple invitation if you want. This means that you can even print the cards yourself at home. Yet, you will still need to make sure that you will print an elegant card.

Usually, it is unexpected to receive an invitation for the rehearsal dinner. As the host of the dinner, you will need to send the invite a bit early so that the guests can prepare. So, it is also important that you start thinking about the invitation wording early so that you will be able to finish everything in advance!

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Wedding Thank You Card Wording Samples

There are a lot of occasions that we would like to say thank you to the others. In fact, one of the ways to do it is to formally write a note to the person you want to thank. This is especially true for the guests of your wedding. You can write a personal note to your guests in order to express your appreciation for your guests to come to your event. However, a lot of brides and grooms do not know how they can write the notes. To this end, you will need to read some wedding thank you card wording samples.

Sample Verse A


We love your gift!

It is beautiful!!!!!!

How thoughtful of you to give
us such a lovely treasure
and share the joy with us in our wedding.

Thank you very much!

Love and kisses,
Amy and David

Sample Verse B


You have enriched our joy and happiness
with you gift. It is very lovely.

Thank you for joining our wedding
and giving us such a lasting memory.

Tammy and Keith

Sample Verse C


This brings our sincere thanks
for the gift you sent us.

I would like to say the gift is lovely.

We would also like to tell you
how much it meant to us.

Kathie and Louise

Sample Verse D


Thank you so much
for your presence in our wedding.

We would also like to thank you
for your most generous gift

for our new lives

Yuki and David

Sample Verse E


Thank you for the gorgeous (Name The Gift)!

It is very beautiful and
we were both touched that you gave us this lovely gift.

It was wonderful to see you on our big day. I can’t wait to tell you about our honeymoon and new life.

With love,
Macy and Frank

Sample Verse F


Our wedding would never have been a complete one
without the support from you.

We sincerely thank you for sharing our happiness and joy

We would also like to thank you for being a part of our new lives!

With love,
Kitty and Stephen

The above are some samples of wording for your reference. Remember, you should try to write it from your heart. There is why there is no fixed rule about the wording. It will be good enough if you really try to express your appreciation with the thank you note. Besides, there are also some tips and ideas you should remember.

Other Ideas About Thank You Card Wording

Usually, you will not want to make the note too short. As a simple rule of thumb, you can make it at least three sentences. Your guests may not really be able to feel your sincere if it is too short.

Without any surprise, you will probably order the thank you cards when you order the main invitations. Yes, ordering all the stationery is always a good option. There are brides and grooms who may ask the vendor to print the notes on the cards. You should never do it. There is no point to pre-print the messages on the cards. You should try to write them yourself after your reception.

In most cases, you will want to thank the guests for their presences on your big day, as well as the gifts they sent to you. You should try to mention the gift they have given you. This will make the thank you card more intimate.

Of course the wedding thank you card wording is very important. It is also essential to send the cards to your guests at the right time. Do not wait too long! Usually, it will be good if you can send the card to the guests a month after your event. There is no point for you to send the cards to guests a year after you have received the wedding gift.

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Wedding Announcement Wording

The wedding announcements are certainly a must for your wedding. Usually, you will send the invitations to invite guests to your ceremony and reception. At the same time, announcement cards will be sent to those who are not invited. You do not need to make the cards complicated. The wording can also be something simple.

Verse A

Mr. and Mrs. Derek Lee
are pleased to announce the marriage of their daughter


on Saturday, the twelfth of July
two thousand fourteen

Forever Hotel

Verse B

Kitty Harris
Tony White

have the honor of announcing
their marriage

on twentieth of May
two thousand sixteen

Every Season Hotel

As you can see from the above examples, the wording of the announcements can be very simple. The above wording samples are considered something more formal. In fact, you do not need to make them too formal. It is possible to make it more casual. Here are some examples.

Verse C

It’s been a busy but sweet day for us!

We were married on
May 18, 2017

We will begin our new life in our new home:
83, 7th Avenue,
Aerial Acres, CA 93523

Amy and Bobby

Verse D

Because you are our good friends
we thought you’d like to know
that we got married!

Kate Johnson
Willey Miller

tied the knot
on March 18, 2017

Puppy Love Beach

Verse E

We announce with joy that on
November 20, 2019
We united our hearts and
jointed our families
in Lovely Beach in a
private ceremony

Jenny and James

Verse F

We are pleased to announce with joy that
We tied the knot
on April 18, 2018

The ceremony was small
and we could not invite all our beloved ones

But we really missed you on our special date

Jennifer and Wallace

Wording of Wedding Announcements – The Basics

You can make the message on your announcement card personal. This is why you can make it quite casual. However, there are also some basics you have to include. Depending on the tone and formality of your cards, different types of information will need to be included. If your parents are going to announce the event, their names have to be mentioned. Some couples may decide to include the address of their new home. At the same time, there is information that must be included. It is a must to put your names and wedding date on the card.

When you prepare the wording for your invitations, you will usually include the detailed address of your wedding venue. Yet, you do not need to be so detailed for the wording of your announcement card. People who receive the cards are not invited. As a result, you do not really need to include the detailed address of the venue. If your wedding is a destination wedding, you may only need to let your friends know the destination. You do not even need to tell them the name of the resort or chapel in this case.

Some More Tips About Your Announcement Cards

Your friends may still send you gifts although they are not invited to your wedding. They may send you the gifts even before you send them the announcement cards. In this case, you can write some thank you notes on these cards. These means that the announcements will also be thank you cards. You may have to blend the wedding announcement wording with your thank you message. Alternatively, you can also have your separated thank you message handwritten on the cards. If your friends send you the gifts after they receive the cards, you will send them Thank You Cards as soon as you get the gifts.

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*The names, dates and venue addresses in all the above examples are made up for illustration purposes only.

More Tips To Plan For The Invitation Wordings

wedding invitation wordingThe above are the samples of wording you will want for your invites. Of course you do not just copy these example, you need to make some alterations and write your own wordings. At this point, you will want to know how you can make the alterations.

Here, there are some tips you have to know in order to write the wording! With all these tips, it will be a lot easier for you to write your invitation. So, make sure that you will read these tips. They will certainly help you in order to prepare the best wording for your invites.


When you write normally, you will use a lot of punctuations. Here, I would like to talk especially about the use of periods. Normally, you will use periods at the end of each sentence. However, the case is different when it comes to the invitation wording. If you have ever seen some wording samples, you will certainly find out that there is no period after the sentences. In fact, periods are seldom used even when the wording looks like a whole paragraph.

Of course, you may still see the periods. Yet, they will be used after abbreviations such as Mrs. and Mr. etc. Though there will not be periods after each sentence. You will still use commas. Usually, you will see them between the date and also the address of your event.


As discussed, you will not see periods at the end of the sentences. Yet, you will still use capitals from the first word of each sentence. As a matter of fact, it is not necessary to capitalize the first letter of the first word of each line. You will only try to capitalize the first word of each sentence. Besides, the first letter of title abbreviations will be capitalized. This is also true for the names and date of the wedding.

The above ideas usually apply to some traditional wedding invitation wording etiquette. The case can be different when you are planning for the wordings for a more modern design. In this case, there are usually two options. The first option is that none of the letters will be capitalized. This can help to make the invitations unique. On the other hand, some couples will choose to capitalize the first letter on every verse line. You should consider these two ideas if you plan to have some modern designs.

Numbers and Words

When you see some the wording samples, you will see that the date is usually written in full, this means that you will not write something like “12, Aug. Instead”, you will need to write things like “the twelfth of August”. Yet, you may use numbers when it comes to the street address.

You may have seen wordings like “request the honour of your presence” when you receive an invitation. You may wonder why “houour” is used. Usually, this will be used for more formality. Of course you can also use “honor”. Yet, you should go for the former if you want to make the unique wedding invitation wording really formal.

Wording For Wedding Invitations – Informal Wedding

Last but not the least, the above ideas are usually for invitations which are more traditional and formal. In this case, the etiquette is very important. Again, if you want to go for something more modern or you are the kind of person who is more casual, you can create your own unique wordings.

It can be very flexible. You can write in any style you want as long as the wedding invitation verses include all the information of your wedding. You may even try to create something funny if you want. Although you will be creating less formal verses or wording for wedding invitations, you will still have to think about the design theme of your invitations. For example, the wedding invitation verses can be related to Halloween if you are going to have a Halloween themed wedding. of course the design card will also be related to this theme.

As a matter of fact, you can even try to blend the wording to the design style of your invitation card. If you are going to use the flip-flop invitation design for your beach wedding, you may want to write a verse which is related to the idea of flip-flops. Again, the baseline will be that you will include all the necessary information of your wedding. If you can really do it, you will be able to make your invitation totally special because both the design and wordings are unique.

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