5 Tips to Create Photo Wedding Invitations

These 5 tips to create photo wedding invitations are the things that you can’t afford to miss. Compared to traditional invitations that uses elaborate fonts and engraving printing techniques, this type is creative, artistic and more fun. It is a perfect complement for casual invites. You can also select the mood of the invitation that you want to project. There are different types of photos that you can choose ranging from romantic, funny, travel or photos during the proposal. If you plan to go with this kind of invitation, there are five tips that you should consider so the project would be perfect. There are some tips that you have to remember if you want to add a twist to your photo invitation.

photo invitation
Putting your photos on your wedding invitation
can make it more personalized and unique.

How to create photo wedding invitations

Selecting The Photo For Your Invitations

It is a good idea to select a photo with significance in your relationship. This is where you might want to build the theme of the wedding. After deciding the picture for the invites, you would need to decide on the color of the invitation. Create a caption that should accompany the pictures. This can be a quote or movie.

It Can Be Traditional

Remember that traditional is not equal to boring when you are creating your own wedding cards with pictures. In fact, if you select a classic pose, it will be great for an extraordinary backdrop of the invites. This can surely make the picture stand out. An example is dressing up in a beach setting or you can dress casual in the formal setting. Classic wedding photography is considered to be elegant and great addition to your wedding.

Tell A Story With The Photo Wedding Invites

Another great idea for your picture wedding cards is to use pictures that tell a story. Aside from the fact that it is creative, it can preserve memories as well. You can tell your guest about a story about how you met and fell in love. If you met in a certain spot, you can create something that has a background of the place. There is a modern monogram invitation that you can choose from. Although it is quite expensive, the effect that it provides is worth it. This can add a dramatic touch to your wedding.

Use A Silhouette

Another tip is to use a dramatic silhouette that can truly make you smile. You can choose from amazing background like sunset or scenes with low light. You can opt to stand in a field of flower or breathtaking skyline. Silhouette is something that can create a strong impact to the wedding card.

Retouch The Picture With Software

You also make use of photo tinting that is widely available in photo shop today. The good thing is that you can preview it before printing. With this, you can be creative and use different colors in the invite. Your colors can definitely make your invitation stand out. The result of this can truly become more pleasing than ever.

Bonus Tip

You can use a black and white photo for your invite. You can add color anywhere, but make sure it is not distracting.

These 5 tips to create photo wedding invitations are what you need to cover to make this special occasion more spectacular than ever. This can surely make an impact if you opt to go for a unique invite.

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