This is the red packet / red pocket / Lai See Envelope design for 2016 year of Monkey. The main concept of this design comes from the notion of shadow play. Monkey is always meant to be something lively. It should be something movable when we initially thought of the idea of this red pocket design. Shadow play is a very tradition performance in China. The shadows of different characters move in front of a “light box”. To this end, the design of the moving monkey was learnt from the idea of characters in a shadow play. All the hands, legs, and even the tail of the monkey are movable. The main pocket of this red packet design is in the shape of a Peach. This reminds us of the novel “A Journey to the West” (西遊記). Monkey can always come with peach. The monkey can “climb” on the peach with different poses. This make the design more playful. Chinese New Year is meant to be joyful. Children and adults will all love this Lai See Envelope. They can play with it!