Using traditional Chinese paper cutting pattern, this unique and elegant wedding invitation card is created. A husband and wife walking side by side together to symbolize the good fortune for the couple that they would stay together forever.

You and Me – Be Together

chinese wedding invitation - You & Me

The paper cutting pattern is in red color. Again, this is a Chinese color which means fortune. As discussed, the pattern is a blessing for the couple. The paper is pearlized white in color. An alternative to this white color base is yellowish gold color. This can be done on request.

Besides the paper cutting pattern signifying the bride and the groom, there is also a double happiness on the card. It is also red in color. The double happiness pattern is on the top while the other pattern is at the bottom. Wording or content of the wedding will be printed between these two patterns.

Another Variation of the Design

The original design of this wedding card is rectangular in shape (portrait). However, it is also possible to make it into a design in square shape. The wording will be printed on the back of the design. The size of it will become 150mm x 150mm. The names of the couple can be printed underneath the double happiness pattern. This will help you to personalize the invitation.

You & Me - In square shape
(The same design in the shape of a square.)

Whole Stationery Set

Actually, you do not only need to get your invitations. You will, in fact, need to have other items such as the thank you card and place card in order to have a full set of stationery. In light of this, we also designed all the other items under this idea of “You & Me”!!

As you will expect, the treatment and design of all the items will be inline with the original You & Me design. This is to make sure that you will have a consistent set of stationery. This will really set the tone for your wedding. Your guests will never feel confused when they see this wedding stationery set.

When we design these stationery items, we try to keep all the essential design elements of the original You & Me design. As a result, you will see the double happiness paper cutting pattern. You will also see the singing couple on these items.

Since the proportions and sizes of all these items are different, the design is altered a little bit in order to fit into the size of the cards. For instance, the size singing couple paper cutting pattern is reduced in order to put it on the place card. At the same time, the double happiness is not printed on this place card. Of course, we can also change the design of it if you want to keep the double happiness. One of the ways of making the change will be printing the double happiness instead of the singing couple on this place card. You can always contact us and discuss with us how to make the changes.

With the good wishes and meaning of this set of wedding stationery, the couple will stay together and have a really fruitful future.

You & Me - Menu

You & Me - Place Card

You & Me - Thank You Card

Invitation Specifications

Product No.: SC52288

Invitation: 3.6″ (W) x 9.4″(H) single card
Envelop: 3.9″ (W) x 9.8″ (H)

Paper Stock
Card: 300gsm Creamy color pearlised paper

Production Detail
Full-color printing on ONE side (if a bilingual wedding card is needed, it can be changed to full-color printing on both sides)

1. R.S.V.P. card, place card, menu, church program & thank you card can be ordered with the same design.
2. Return address would be printed on invitation and R.S.V.P. envelope on request.
3. The design can be modified into a folded card if it is needed.