Double Happiness – A Fusion of East and West

///Double Happiness – A Fusion of East and West

If you would like a western style wedding invitation, it is very true that white or off white is a very popular choice of color. Combining this with red color can create a very interesting modern Chinese wedding invitation. When creating this design, this idea of color combination is adapted. The result is a very interesting and beautiful modern Chinese wedding invitation.

As you will expect, the main colors of the wedding invitation is white and red. Both colors will be seen on this design. The base color of the cover is red. Instead of printing a layer of white color on the red paper, we decide to add a white color strip on it.

Double happiness symbol is printed on the strip. Most couple loves the symbol in the form of a paper cutting pattern. This type of pattern is printed. You may wonder what the color of the symbol will be. It is red in color! The main concept behind this decision is to make the pattern to echo with the base color of the cover. To combine the ideas western and Chinese wedding invitations, the word “INVITATION” is printed underneath the double happiness symbol. So, the symbol will tell your guests that it is a wedding. And the English word will of course tell them that it is an invitation.

The insert is also in off white color. As what we will usually do, the paper will deliver a pearlised quality. The Chinese names of the bride and groom is printed on the right hand side of the insert. These names can be seen once the guests open the envelope. A beautiful pattern in Chinese style is also printed on it. In order to echo with the base color of the cover again, red color is used as the main color of the prints on the insert!

If you want similar design which is of a more traditional Chinese style, you may go for the design Red color celebration Blossom.

Product code: MC18057
Size: 125mmx175mm(after fold)
Cover: 216gsm red color paper wrap with white gold color pearlised paper strip
Insert: 120gsm white gold color pearlised paper
with envelope

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