WHAT? An Invitation is a Red Bomb?!

There is a Hong Kong saying about Wedding invitation: a RED BOMB.

This notion of a RED BOMB is actually a very interesting idea. In fact, it will also be interesting to transform this idea into a wedding card. This time, we attempted to transform it literally. This invitation is designed in a sense that it looks like a bomb with double happiness symbol on it.

Let your friends know it is going to be your big day by sending this lovely cute “Red Bomb”. The special design of the wedding cards will give a great surprise to them. Of course, the design of this invitation is so special that your guests will just say WOW even if they do not know anything about the idea of “Red Bomb”.

Red Bomb Invitation Design Details

red bomb - card front
Card Front

card back
Card Back

Graphical Manipulation

In this design, we have literally adapted the idea of the red bomb and create the design. Due to this idea, everyone will understand that it is a Chinese wedding invitation. However, it is not something traditional (as usual =p). The card is in the shape of a bomb. This will make the invitation interesting and unique. All guests will know that it is a wedding card when they see the shape of it.

Though this design will not look like a very traditional Chinese design, we still add some Chinese elements to it. On the card front, a double happiness symbol is printed. Without any surprise, the design of the symbol will follow the shape of the bomb. Besides, abstract patterns in Chinese style are designed along with the double happiness symbol. Your name and wedding date will also be printed on this side of the invitation.

How about the Wording

You will see the wording at the back of the card. However, we will not choose any traditional way to layout the wording. Instead, we attempt to make it really interesting and unique. For instance, we use the phrase “BANG! BANG! BANG!” (They are in Chinese in the above image. We can change it to English, of course) as the starting point of the wording. This echoes the idea of a bomb.

Then we will put the wording on it using point form. It is not something formal. In fact, the idea of using point form is to ensure that the wording will not look formal. And it is very true that this red bomb wedding invitation design will never be something formal. As a result, it will be a good idea to make the wording more informal or even casual.

It is possible to change the wording on the back of the card. Right, it is possible to change it to a more formal wording layout. However, we would not recommend this when you go for this design. This is becuase the whole design is not meant to be formal. Please let us know your idea about the wording and we can do the layout work so that you can fully personalize the contents of the design!