Passport wedding invitations

A passport wedding invitation which is just like a REAL passport.

Issue passport wedding invitations to your guests to attend your wedding ceremony/ banquet.

Passport Wedding Invitations – A Unique Design

Brides and grooms are always searching for unique wedding invitation designs. One of the ways of creating a unique design is to borrow ideas from items we can encounter every day. Everyone will have his / her own passport. You will need it when you are planning to have a trip to other countries. This drives the main concept of the design of this wedding invite.

Your guest will come and share your happiness and joy on your BIG day. Of course it will be perfect if you are going to have a wedding overseas. A passport design is one of the most favorites when it comes to destination wedding invitation. You may also have seen passport design somewhere else. However, we would like to push the design to another level. As a result, we attempt to make this passport wedding invitation design look like a real passport. If we make the design like a normal folded wedding card, it will not look like the real thing. You will just miss the whole point of such a design if it is just printed like other invitation cards. To make it look real, we make this design a “BOOK” with 8 pages (actually, up to 48 pages if it is needed) inside. We can print some graphics like chops on the inserts so that the passport design will look totally unique. Couples who are going to have an overseas destination wedding will find this design unique and useful.

Although this design fits a destination very well, it does not mean that this design will not suit other types of weddings. The design is so unique that everyone will be amazed when they see it. Consider the design looks so real, this Passport wedding invitation can really surprise your guests! We can create a design according to the location of the wedding. For example, the green color design is created for brides and grooms who are planning to get married in Indonesia. The designs are not confined to the ones shown in the images.

To make the design even more interesting, it is even possible to create some chops. Just imagine, the customs officer will usually put a chop on the passport when you enter or exit a country. You can just borrow this concept. You may ask your guests to bring along the invitations when they come to your wedding. You can chop the “Passport” using the chops when they arrive. You can also do it once again with another chop when they leave. In this way, your invitation will become part of the whole experience of your wedding. This gesture will make your wedding even more memorable. Your guests can also keep your invitations for years.

This design can also be used together with Airline Ticket Wedding Invitations. This will be a perfect match and you can invite your guests in a manner of going for a vacation!

Leather-red color passport cover with gold color hot stamping

Passport Wedding Invitation - Personalized Cover
You would add personalize note on the Cover front inside page

Map on the Passport Wedding Invitation
Directory map(with torn edge) would be stapled on passport invitation insert page

Chops as wording in Passport Wedding Invitation
Personalize note would be added and would be stapled on passport invitation insert page

Wedding Invitation of Passport Invitation
Wedding invitation information printed on passport cover back inside

Product code: C13007
Size: 88mmx125mm(after fold)
Passport wedding invitations:
cover: red color leather-like paper(with gold color hot stamping) mount with white color paper(with full color printing on ONE side)
Insert: 150gsm sunshine pearlised paper
with full color printing on BOTH sides (2 sheets per set, 8 pages)

Other cover color (red, brown, green, blue or black) are also available:

green color passport wedding invitation

green color passport wedding invitation - Version 2