Modern pink color double happiness with lovely butterflies singing around celebrates the joy of marriage. Ribbon of the same color adds a human touch to this invitation.

Pink Butterflies Singing Wedding Invitation

Pink Color And Butterflies – A Perfect Match

The pink color is always thought to be a very romantic and sensual color. It is very popular when it comes to the color theme and scheme of weddings. Of course, this color can also be used as the main color theme of a wedding card. We have created this invitation by using different tones of pink. With the idea of wedding butterflies and double happiness, this design is perfect for every bride.

The design of this card is simple. In fact, we do not want to make this design fancy. The design will be good enough if it can deliver a sense of romance and celebration. This is our aim when we design this invitation. As you will know, a pair of butterflies is something very romantic. As a result, we put a pair of butterflies on the card. The butterflies are flying together on the wedding invitation, signifying that the bride and groom will have a very happy life. This also makes the design a perfect butterfly themed wedding card.

At the bottom of the card, there is also a very light pink color floral pattern. They are abstract patterns which mainly act as a background image of the card so as to make it more romantic. Besides, we try to add a second focus to the card. A double happiness symbol, which is also in pink color, is printed on the bottom right-hand side of the card. Since we do not want to make the card too complicated, we use a very simple double happiness with only straight lines. The words “WEDDING INVITATION” are printed beneath the double happiness symbol. To make the names of the couple to stand out on the card, we print the names of them in a darker pink color. The color of the other part of wording is black in color so as to create a color contrast between the names and other parts of wording.

Adding a ribbon to a wedding card can always add a human touch to it. The ribbon on it makes this card a totally perfect one. In order to keep the main color theme, the ribbon is also in pink color. Brides and grooms will certainly love this add-on.

For this design, it is recommended to have one language of wording as contents will only be printed on one side of the card.

Product code: SC5302
Size: 125mmx175mm(single card)
Cardstock: 250gsm creamy color pearlized paper
with full-color printing on ONE side and tie with pink color ribbon
with envelope

Discounted price: USD 100.00 for 100set invitation cards with envelopes