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「百年偕老」in Chinese calligraphy character is used to enrich the Asian touch of the invitation. With dancing phoenix and blossom flowers around the double happiness symbol, it expresses the happiness and joy of getting married.

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An Exquisite Gray Chinese Wedding Card

We have chosen an unusual color for the design of this modern Chinese wedding invitation – the gray color. In fact, using some unusual is always one of the methodology to create new designs. And this also make this particular design exquisite and unusual.

Although the main color is something unusual, the graphic elements used are not. Double happiness and Chinese calligraphy are two essential elements of this design. We keep the Chinese red color when we print the double happiness symbol. When it comes to the part of the Chinese calligraphy, it is printed in deep brown color. The phrase used is “百年偕老”. This means that the bride and groom will be a couple until all the hair turns gray. This is something very romantic, right?

In order to create a visual interest, all the patterns and calligraphy described are printed on a piece of pearl color strip. The strip will then be glued to the gray color paper. The insert will be in light pearl color. Double happiness and wordings will be printed on it with gray tone. This echoes the main idea of hair turning gray together.

Invitation Specifications
Product No.: MC18053

Invitation: 150mm(W) x 150mm(H) folded
Envelop: 160mm (W) x 160mm (H)

Paper Stock
Cover: 250gsm gold color pearlised paper
Insert: 120gsm white gold color pearlised paper

Production Detail
Dark gray pearlised paper Cover glued with creamy color pearlised paper strip. Inserts glued inside the wedding invitations. (Chinese and English language, or any two languages would be printed)

Discounted price: USD 150.00 for 100set invitation cards with envelops