Silver Wedding Invitations

Deep silver color is used as the main color scheme. As a result, the paper stock chosen for this design is in this color. This color is a commonly used western invitation color. A tracing paper with the print of a Chinese motif (flying bird) spreads out the good news of your Big Day!

Silver Wedding Invitations - card inside

Beautiful Silver Wedding Invitations

The color contrast on the cover has to be stressed here. The color of the tracing paper is milky white. This creates the first layer of contrast with the dark silver paper. The motif printed on the tracing paper is in red color. This creates the second layer of contrast. The play of these contrasts is the key to the cover design.

A more Chinese treatment is adopted for the inside of this wedding invitation. Unlike the cover, paper chosen for the inside of the card is bright. A yellowish gold color paper is chosen. The initials can also be seen on the insert. A classic western sill playing with initials is adapted here. On the other hand, the different choices of cover and insert materials create a huge color contrast. This contrast between the bright yellowish gold color and the deep silvery color makes this silver wedding invitation unique and special.

As a matter of fact, silver color is not always used as the color of Chinese wedding invitations. It is even more uncommon for deep grayish silver color. When combining the silver color with traditional Chinese goal color, an interesting hybrid design is created. In fact, all the treatment of this wedding card is very Chinese except the color of the cover. Besides the Chinese motif on the cover, a double happiness symbol is also seen on the insert. All these Chinese elements make the silver wedding invitations more stunning.

A ring pattern is printed on the upper part of the insert. As a result, only the lower part will be used to print the wording on. This design will not fit if you need a bilingual invitation.

Bilingual Treatment

If a bilingual card is needed, the following alternative will be a better option. Basically, this option is created based on the original design. We have modified it such that it becomes a wedding invitation with three folds. The idea of having three panels for this design is to make sure that you will have more spaces to put the information about your wedding. This is why it is recommended for a bilingual invitation. It is totally possible to print two different languages on the card when you go for this option.

Silver Wedding Invitations - 3 panel version

Silver Wedding Invitations - 3 panel version - Details

Silver Wedding Invitations - 3 panel version - Insert 01

Silver Wedding Invitations - 3 panel version - Insert 02

Invitation Specifications (Original two fold design)
Product No.: MC18020

Invitation: 6.88″ (W) x 4.92″(H) after folded
Envelope: 7.28″ (W) x 5.31″ (H)

Paper Stock
Cover: 250gsm dark silver color pearlised paper
Insert: 250gsm gold color paper

Production Detail
Cover: Tracing paper, with full-color printing on one side, wraps around the cover
Insert: 250gsm gold color paper with full-color printing on ONE side mounted on the card inside.

Return address would be printed on invitation and R.S.V.P. envelope on request.
Place card, menu, church program & thank you card would be ordered with the same design.