This lovely wedding invitation is composed of two different colors of pearlized paper. One piece is of creamy pearlized color and the other one is of yellowish gold color. The creamy one is printed with a beautiful pattern in Chinese style. The color of the pattern is very eye-catching. And a double happiness symbol is put to create a visual focus of this wedding card.

Hugs Along with Love
Cards with three color scheme to give more color combinations and options for couples to have their preferred design

Hugs Along with Love - Wording
Gold color pearlized paper printed with colorful border gives the joyful atmosphere to the guests. English or Chinese content will be printed on it

Hugs Along with Love - Green Color Version
One of the version is with apple green border and ivory color ribbon. This color combination is less traditional. It can deliver a sense of being contemporary. You can go for this option if you want something more modern.

This is another Chinese wedding invitation couples will love. The treatment of it is somehow between a folded card and a single panel color. The “cover” of the invitation is in ivory color. A beautiful floral pattern in Chinese style is printed on it. This pattern is not enough in order to create a Chinese design. A deep red color double happiness is also printed on the cover. Besides these patterns, the word “INVITATION” is printed on it with a very beautiful and elegant font. The words “Double Happiness” (in English) is also printed next to the word “INVITATION”. However, we use a very simple font for these two words so as to create a visual contrast of these two elements by using fonts and typefaces.

The other part of the design is gold in color. Right, the color of the paper stock is in yellowish gold. A thick border in Chinese style is printed on this part of the design. Various colors for the border can be chosen to this end. You can print it in red or green. The wording, in one language, will also be printed on this part. In the case that two languages are needed to be printed, we may have to alter the design.

A ribbon is used to tie the two pieces of cards together. If you want to make it look really Chinese, a deep red color ribbon can be used. To add a bit of western taste to it, a white color ribbon can be used to tie the cards. Yet, you can always discuss with us on the ribbon color to be used. We can help you to choose the right color to fit your taste and needs.

Specifications of the design:
Product code: MC18039
Size: 100mmx210mm
Paper: 250gsm creamy color pearlized paper with 250gsm gold color pearlized paper
With ribbon