Christmas Snowflake - Free Wedding Invitation Template

Free resource for you if you are having wedding in Christmas. Usually, you will have very colorful invitation designs if you are having a Christmas wedding. it is also very common to use pattern such as snowflake. We have designed 4 invitation templates which match the Christmas theme for you.

Each of the 4 designs is of slightly different styles. The colors are different. However, all of them bear the idea of snowflake wedding invitations and this will suit a Christmas wedding very well. These templates are something perfect if you are going to have a small Xmas event. For some of the designs, we also add the double happiness symbol in order to give the invitations a bit of Chinese touch. The fusion of common Christmas wedding card ideas and Chinese touches will certainly make these templates unique.

Now, you can have your own unique Christmas or snowflake wedding invitations very easily. You can just download the file and print them at home:

Purple Christmas

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Red snowflake

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purple snowflake

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Chinese lace snowflake

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*All the files are for personal use only. Commercial us of these files are strictly prohibited.

As you can see from the above images, two of the designs are purple in color. In particular, the third design is a Snowflake design. The design is quite classic to this end. On the contrary, the first design is more modern. You can go for this design when you are planning to have a modern Christmas wedding invitation.

The second design is red in color and the wording is in green color. This color combination is classic for Christmas wedding invitations. Yet, the graphic components are not extremely classic. The graphic elements are quite cute to this end. For the forth design, although the colors are not very classic Xmas wedding designs, the choice of graphic elements are quite classic. There is a lace pattern. And there is also a double happiness symbol to add a Chinese touch to the design.

Just like our other free wedding invitation templates, you can make changes to the it yourself. If you do not want to have the modern Chinese idea on these cards, you can remove the double happiness symbol on the cards. For instance, you can remove the double happiness of the forth design and change it to your initials. This can create a personalized card. In fact, the third design does not really bear any Chinese notion. You can just choose this design if you are not planning to make any changes to the cards.

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  1. MICHAELA Wright May 2, 2012 at 11:36 pm

    thank you so much for this blog i found the invitation template for my red and white winter wonderland wedding this is exactly what I was looking for

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