Blossom Flowers - Free Wedding Invitation Template

Wedding is one of the most happiest day for the bride and groom, just like a blossom flower. Floral elements are something very common and popular when it comes to wedding card designs. These elements can be something abstract. This is the basic notion of this free template design. In this design, we use some abstract floral patterns as the main graphic element. The background color scheme of it is yellowish green. This combination makes the design more elegant.

There are two flowers on the design. There is a bigger flower on the left side of the template. This is treated as the key character for the wedding invitation. This floral pattern is red, orange and yellow in color, which contrasts with the background color. The floral pattern on the right side is mainly in orange and yellow. These two floral patterns make the design colorful. Every guest will love such type of vibrant colors. The names of the couple will be put on the center of the floral pattern. Here, the names of the couple become the stigma and pistil of the flower, which express the importance of the couple. You are the main characters in your WEDDING! Yes, you are the host of the event and you deserve to be the focus of it. Besides your names, wordings of the invitation are printed on the right side of the card. The magenta color of the wordings also contrasts to the light color background. This makes the color scheme of the design even more vibrant!

You should not miss this design if you want something elegant yet colorful. You can download the template for free for your own wedding ceremony and reception.

Blossom Flowers Free Wedding Invitation Templates

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