Nautical Sailing - Free Wedding Invitation Template

Let us sail in the sea of LOVE!

This free invitation template is actually depicting this bold idea. As you can be able to guess, it is related to the sea and sunshine. It is perfect for a small wedding or less formal beach / boat sailing wedding party.

Nautical Sailing Wedding Invitation Template

The design of it depicts a small sailing boat. Instead of having some smoke from the chimney, there are two hearts coming out from it. Of course this signifies the love of the couple. Two happy fishes are swimming in the sea. They are of course the couple. In fact, fish swimming together in water bears the notion of being happy forever. The sun, boat, water and fishes are drawn in a playful way. This expression of the graphic elements are not something formal. This will bring the joy of the couple to the guests who are coming. The playful graphic elements make it more perfect for couples who want something informal. The design is colorful and this reinforce the playful idea of the invite. We use different colors for background, all the graphic elements and the wordings. Double happiness character is always used in Chinese wedding. Who said that you cannot use it for a wedding with other themes. This is why we put it on the boat. The character on the boat reminds everyone of us the joy of wedding. It is a bless to the couple. Let us make the happiness of the wedding double!

As in our other template designs, you can easily remove the double happiness character if you feel that it does not match your wedding theme. Use Adobe photoshop or other image editing software and you will be able to do it easily.

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