Green Floral in Heart - Free Wedding Invitation Template

If you want to make your wedding embrace both retro and modern ideas, this wedding invitation template is certainly for you. This is a design which combine both retro and modern ideas. The lower part of the design is the retro part. The upper part of this template is relatively modern. The border of the design is also a mixture or retro and modern design. On the other hand, the fonts and layout reminds us of a retro ticket. This idea somehow make the invitation the “entry ticket” to your wedding. The oversize date and time become the most prominent element of it. This is certainly the first element your guests see when they receive your wedding invitation. The bold wedding date design is to emphasize the big day! This will remind all your guests about the date and time in your wedding. Although the size of the venue and address is relatively smaller, your guests will not miss them. The whole color scheme of the card is green. The color of the border is in pastel green, which is considered a more modern color. Names of couple are in darker green color. This invitation template also features floral decorations with the words “wedding invitation”. Of course they are important in a sense that you will let your guests know clearly that it is a wedding card. These floral decoration design elements are considered more modern elements in this design. The floral pattern is in heart shape. The heart shapes are certainly about your LOVE. Regarding the choices of typefaces, the font chosen for your names and the words “wedding invitation” is different from that for the main wordings. This design is classic yet modern. Use it if you want something unique.


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