Kiss Kiss in Love - Free Wedding Invitation Template

Let us kiss each other every day! You can and you should do this every morning after your wedding. Of course, kisses are not the only thing in marriage. However, it is certainly an essential part. It is a way to show your love to your another half.

This is another cute cartoon invitation template design. It depicts two cartoon characters. They are drawn in a super cute way. These two characters, signifying the bride and the groom, is kissing each other. They are in love and they are kissing. They are also holding the hand of each other. It is LOVE. Yes, this is also a way to show your guests the love between you and your fiance. We do not create any background elements in this template. It is just white in color. The idea is to make the cartoon characters focus of the design. Even for the cartoon characters, we do not have fancy colors. The dresses and attires of the characters are of some colors (light cyan and pink). We keep the upper part of the drawing white in color so as to ensure that the message of kissing each other is delivered. The wording of the design is in shocking pink and cyan color such that the whole invitation will look happy and be full of fun. In fact, these colors match the colors of the dresses of the cartoon characters.

This card will also fit couples who want a Chinese touch of their big day. A “Double Happiness” character is put in the heart of the design. You can still use this template even if you do not want to have this Chinese touch. You can download our JPG files and make the heart shape purely red in color.

Kiss Kiss in Love Free Wedding Invitation Template

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